Survivor: One World Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 16, 2012

Why did I do that? Seriously. Why?

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It’s officially time to play “It’s Anyone But Jay.” And the girls tell us so. Chelsea says that she loves Jay and Troy, but she’s realizing that the best move is to eliminate them. “I hate to be that person, but…I love money, so…” That may be the most honest statement in the history of Survivor.

On a side note, Tarzan is brushing his hair with some sort of makeshift Swiss Army Knife. Last week, he used this device to brush his teeth. This is actually much grosser than Leif’s nipple piercings.

For a moment, the producers throw together some votes that tease the possibility that Troyzan could be the vote. Kim has decided to split the vote, and gets half of the people not named Jay or Troyzan to vote for Jay, while the other half will vote for Troyzan.

To his credit, Troyzan’s spidey senses go up. So, he decides to go ahead and dig up his Immunity Idol. Then, he tells Jay about it. Jay tells him that he’s overreacting. Troyzan wants to put together a block vote for Kim, pulling in Tarzan, Christina and Jay, but it seems to be too little, too late.

Jay goes to Kim and tells her he knows that they’re planning to vote off Troyzan, and reveals that he has an Immunity Idol that he’s planning on playing. Jay has just sealed his own fate.


So, to recap, Troy has exactly the right read on the situation. He has chosen the correct person to target. He goes to exactly the right people in Christina and Tarzan to pull them in along with Jay and himself. They can completely change the power structure in the game…if Jay just sits back and says nothing. This was a crippling mistake. It’s not quite as bad as JT’s letter, but it’s really, really tough to swallow from someone we have respected up to this point. All Kim has to do now is make sure that Sabrina, Alicia, Chelsea and Kat vote with her, because she knows Jay’s vote is going to Alicia and three, maybe four votes at most come her way.

What is it with the stupid gameplay this season?

At Tribal Council, Probst once again polls the group as to which Survivors think they might be in trouble. The number is up to three from zero last week, which at least shows they’re learning. Jay, Kim and Troyzan all raise their hands.

After the vote, when Jeff asks if anyone has an Immunity Idol to play, Troyzan pulls his out. He looks menacingly at Kim, but what he should be noticing is that Chelsea is cracking up.

Two votes are revealed for Troy, and Troy looks over at his friends on the jury like he’s proud of his brilliant plan. Just wait a second, buddy. Then one vote for Kim is revealed. Then we see a couple for Alicia, but of course, Jay is the person going home tonight. He basically designed his own vote, just like Tyson did several seasons ago. To his credit, he’s pretty classy in his closing comments. “Congrats, girls. You got me.”

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