Survivor: One World Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 16, 2012

Why did I do that? Seriously. Why?

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“There’s definitely going to be some blindsides coming up. I just hope it’s not me.” –Jay

(Jay, it’s you. This is like when you suspect your significant other is cheating. They are.)

Back at camp, Chelsea is feeling some remorse about the way things have gone down. She just doesn’t like being deceitful (and she’s also not very good at it). Kim tries to settle her down, stating that they really need to focus on Jay and Troyzan for the next votes. Alicia loudly agrees, which is probably enough reason for Chelsea to feel wrong about it in the first place.

Of course, Chelsea’s caring about being honest just doesn’t sit well with her allies. Alicia says, “It pissed me off,” while Sabrina states that “She needs to put on her big girl panties.” Honestly, though, we can see Chelsea’s side here. If she makes it to the final, she’s going to be the person who is hurt most by bitter feelings because she has forged the closest alliances with the guys.

Jay talks about thinking Alicia should be the target at Tribal Council. It doesn’t matter. If Jay doesn’t win immunity, he’s going home.

He goes to discuss his plan with Kat, and Kat remains as noncommittal as she had been before. She gathers the girls around to reassure him that Alicia can be the vote. She won’t be.

Chelsea lets the other girls do the lying this time. That’s probably for the best.

Meanwhile, Kim tells Alicia that they’re pretending she is the target for tonight’s Tribal Council. Kim is ready to pull off the mask and reveal her true identity to the men. It’s time for them to know the women are solid and the men are going to be picked off one by one.

What better place for her to do this than at the Immunity Challenge? Probst informs the contestants that they will be participating in a classic challenge. They have to balance on a block of wood while holding their arm up in the air. Their arm is chained to a bucket full of colored water. The last person standing wins immunity. Of course, Probst offers some delicious treats to tempt them off their perches.

Before the game even starts, Tarzan steps down. Jeff is walking across the playing field with a tray of food, and Christina can’t even stay balanced long enough for Jeff to reveal and offer the snacks. Thus, Sabrina gets two cookies and milk all to herself.

Then, Jeff offers up some cupcakes. Kim and Kat step down, and Jay looks like he’s pondering his potential situation.

“Take that food, and I’m going to vote you out,” Jay says, thinking he means it.


Alicia then says that she’s going to go ahead and step down for the next food no matter what it is. She’s “doing it as a favor to Chelsea,” so that Chelsea can win it for the girls. Chelsea is super appreciative of that generosity. If she could stab Alicia in the throat, we think she would.

Chelsea almost falls off her perch, but holds steady. Her movement seems to be problematic for Troyzan, though, and he falls off.

We notice Leif’s nipples are pierced. Gross.

Next comes the moment when Jay loses his damn mind. When Probst reveals the next snack as chicken wings and beer, he steps down. No, really. That’s not a joke. He gives up immunity and a million dollars for chicken wings. We hope those wings were delicious, because as Chelsea says, “He don’t even drink beer!”

We’re down to Leif and Chelsea. She tells him if he steps down, it makes him less of a threat. This comment gets under his skin a little bit. She’s surprised it works. She tells him to look her in the eyes – he’s not a threat if he steps down. He does, and gets a delicious burger. Chelsea wins immunity, meaning that Jay will go home tonight.

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