Survivor: One World Recap

Just Annihilate Them

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 15, 2012

I'm totally secure here!

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It’s time for another Probst sighting, and today’s Immunity Challenge will have the Survivors manipulate a ladder bridge while unwinding a rope. If anyone falls off, they will have to go back to the beginning. The first four to reach the end will move on to the puzzle portion.

Jay is first to finish, followed by Kim, Troyzan and Alicia (what!?). The puzzle is very complex and challenging, with 60 pieces. There are a lot of angles and it’s easy to put the wrong piece in a spot. Jay is struggling, while Kim and Troyzan seem to be figuring things out. Alicia even gets close. Still, even the typically meticulous Kim winds up with a piece sticking out. In the meantime, Jay has been methodical in his process, and is likewise down to his final piece. At first, it looks like he’s got the wrong one, but then he realizes all he needs to do is shove harder, and he’s won immunity. Let this be an important lesson, men. Always shove harder.

We don’t think Jay was in any danger for the next Tribal Council, but we do think it’s a good idea for him to win Immunity as much as possible moving forward.

And now it’s time to play “It’s Anyone But Michael.” Kind of. Mike isn’t popular and he hasn’t been a factor for a while. The editing attempts to make it seem like Christina could be going home; however, anyone who is familiar with the concept of “math” knows that this game is going to the women now. Michael is gone and the producers don't make much of an effort to conceal his inevitable fate.

When Jay approaches Chelsea to ask what the plan is for the evening, and he quickly ascertains that Michael is the target. He also figures out that with Michael gone, he’s the next target. Chelsea’s reply is the worst one possible. “That’s not necessarily true.” Needless to say, this gives Jay no comfort, because it’s not a denial. Jay asks the other girls if they have anything else to say, and they all just sit there in silence. This is probably the first time in handsome Jay's life that women don't want to talk to him.


When Kim finds out about the other women's miscue, she realizes she needs to do some damage control. She approaches Michael and Jay, who have gone off together, and tells them that Christina is the obvious choice for tonight’s vote. Jay reiterates that the vibe he’s getting is not good. His instincts are getting him in trouble, because Kim is seeing that he can see through her machinations/deceitfulness. Unlike Troyzan, he instinctively knows not to work against his best interest. This once again paints a target on Jay's back. He is the only man providing resistance.

Note that if Mike, Jay and Troyzan were talking here, they could get something going that would help their cause. Because of the interpersonal dynamic that has been allowed to fester amongst the men, there is no chance of this happening. They’ve destroyed themselves from the inside out.

At Tribal Council, Probst queries the group to discover which of them is worried about being eliminated that night. We expect Mike and Christina to raise their hands, along with several others, since you’re never really safe on Survivor. To our complete shock, no one raises their hand. The worst mistake in the game of Survivor is to be too trusting. Michael and Christine are definitely guilty of this, and arguably even Troyzan and Jay.

Moments after Mike states with confidence that his alliance is strong, he is voted out with seven out of eleven possible votes. Christina and Tarzan are the other two players who receive a pair of votes each. Michael’s worst mistake was ignoring the sorts of players who’ve been voted off thus far this season. He should have been desperate to survive, but was instead passive.

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