Survivor: One World Recap

Just Annihilate Them

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 15, 2012

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Now is the time for the 7Up-sponsored portion of the episode, sponsored by 7Up. The Survivors read a letter that details a 7Up challenge with a 7Up reward. The Survivors are mainly happy because they don’t have to sit through Jack & Jill or Gulliver’s Travels. Jay receives the honor of describing the drink as the un-cola, totally of his own will, we’re certain. 7Up is mentioned more in the five minutes of this episode than we’ve heard about it in our entire lives up to this minute.

Probst is here to tell us more about the awesomeness of 7Up, and also the challenge that goes with it. He even lets them have a little taste before the Reward Challenge begins. Yes, some poor sucker gets Tarzan’s backwash.

They are divided into two tribes, with Jay, Alicia, Troyzan, Kat and Chelsea going up against Michael, Kim, Leif, Sabrina and Christina. Tarzan is not selected for a team, so he gets to sit out. Each contestant must slide down a water slide onto the sand, where they will then run out into the ocean to retrieve some giant cubes. As more members come down the slide, there are more people to carry the cubes. Once they are all retrieved, they will need to solve a puzzle (of course).

The challenge is neck and neck the whole time, though the Jay team gets out to a quick lead. It gets a little worse at the end when Christina leaves her group behind as they try to get the final box out of the water and to the platform. This allows the other team to have a bit of an advantage going into the puzzle portion of the game. Her teammates are clearly annoyed with her over this behavior.


Even so, Christina is the main reason that they are able to solve the puzzle ahead of the other team. For Leif, this is a big moment. It’s the first time he’s won a reward, and he can’t stop going on about how excited he is. This causes Chelsea and some other members of the losing team to mumble horrible things about him under their breath. There may have been some curse words involved.

The winners go to their 7Up Oasis, and they cook up some delicious-looking burgers, hot dogs and steak on the grill. They also have stuff like potato chips, potato salad, pretzels and key lime pie. It really is an amazing looking feast.

The group pauses a moment to pray before their meal, and we have to say that this feels so starkly in contrast to all those false moments of praise from Coach last season that it stands out unmistakably. This blessing is genuine, and every single person sitting around the table seems to be taking it seriously.

After they eat, Sabrina and Kim take a moment to talk strategy. They decide that the two of them plus Chelsea should be the final three, with Sabrina adding that she’ll be pissed if Michael reaches the end. We could stop right now without watching the rest of the episode and be pretty certain that unless he wins immunity, Michael is going to be voted out. He’s competent and he’s strong, and although he’s not the most personable guy in the world, he’s a big threat. His winning immunity would actually be pretty bad news for Jay – or Troyzan, if they find out he has the hidden Immunity Idol.

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