Survivor: One World Recap

Thanks for the Souvenir

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 22, 2012

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Manono receives the same news, which causes Alicia to cozy up to Tarzan. Tarzan happily accepts even if he probably doesn’t know her name. Meanwhile, we learn that Jonas has teamed with Christina and Leif to vote out Alicia. I guess we’d call them the New Misfits. The problem here is that there are only three of them in this alliance and if they pick off Alicia and Tarzan and go to the merge, three people isn’t much of an alliance. Still, Jonas is all excited to make a power play.

Tarzan is clearly holding a grudge against Christina for voting for him previously. So, he goes to Leif to tell him how devious and sycophantic she is. This puts Leif in a horrible position. After telling Leif how awesome Alicia is, Leif has no idea how to react. We’ll say what you’re all thinking again: Tarzan is a terrible judge of character. He’d probably also like to give that nice Richard Hatch a million dollars, give condolences to Jonny Fairplay on the death of his grandmother, and thinks that the mask-wearing, chainsaw-wielding man from Texas is in no way capable of massacre.

Tribal Council begins with Jeff Probst telling the entire group that Colton has been evacuated to a hospital for emergency surgery for his appendicitis. Kat looks bewildered and asks, “What is that?” Alicia responds by stabbing her in the stomach with her hand. And thus the prophecy has been fulfilled.

When Probst asks Troyzan about his reaction to what has happened to Colton, Troyzan says that he is sad for Colton because he knows how much he loves the game. The giant smile on his face is proof!


Leif says that he has had his appendix removed, and Kim comments that she has had appendicitis as well. Kat looks extremely alarmed at this turn of events. Is this horrible disease contagious? When will it find her? Maybe she’ll catch it from Alicia! Will it turn her into a zombie? Will it give her the ability to dance better? These are all thoughts that probably go through her mind at this moment.

Alicia accidentally employs some strategy when she delivers Colton’s final message to Sabrina. She tells her that Colton thanks her for the souvenir (the Immunity Idol), and that he didn’t give it to anyone else. Sabrina believes this, but some of the other Salani tribe members are dubious. Probst asks Kat about it and she agrees that the idol stuff might be a lie, but she’s way more worried about this appendix stuff. How does she avoid hurting hers? She doesn’t want to become a vampire, dammit!

There’s a bigger surprise in store, because the tribes are now merged. There are six men and six women now. Loyalties could truly be anywhere and everywhere, because the alliances have had a chance to shift significantly over the past few days. We have the remaining misfits who were ready to split up, we have the women, and we have the new Salani tribe, full of members who were getting along beautifully with each other.

Although we can’t celebrate the reason behind it, we’re looking forward to a kinder, gentler season of Survivor as we move forward. With any luck, everyone will realize that Alicia is nearly as vile as Colton was, and she’ll be next to go.

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