The Amazing Race Recap

By Daron Aldridge

March 5, 2012

They should star in an update of the update of Parent Trap.

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Meanwhile, the second flight’s teams are one-by-one searching for and finding the Detour clue. For consecutive legs, we have one team that deviates and chooses the other option. This week’s the dissenting team is Elliott & Andrew. Elliott the musician seems to be the decision maker on this one and it may just pay off for them.

Back at Stacked Up, Border Patrol secures their place at the head of the pack by finishing the Detour with little issue. They are off to the next clue; while the other teams are each almost back at square one as their pyramids collapse. Sounds like a great time for a commercial break because they will soon be joined by four more teams and not much of a lead.

Following the lead of Blonde Rachel & Dave, Teams Un-Fed and Kentucky have now bailed on Stacked Up and head to Strung Out. A little act of deception is doled out by Kentucky when cousins Kerri & Stacy arrive. Bopper & Mark are waiting to snatch up their girls’ cab and Bopper gives the girls a false sense of reassurance that they can knock out the task in a couple of hours. There is no room for Southern Hospitality on the Amazing Race and I applaud Team Kentucky for playing the game. I doubt the cousins will agree with me one that.

It doesn’t take long for Kerri & Stacy to realize that Stacked Up is not that simple but too long for them to reclaim their cab that’s already taking Kentucky to Strung Out.

Art & JJ have arrived at the next clue and it is a Roadblock. One of the team mates has to balance a wine bottle full of water on their head while performing a choreographed routine. If they break all of the bottles allotted to them, they will incur a two hour penalty. (This would be where I try one or two bottles and then intentionally break the remainder of my bottles to get the clock ticking on my two hour penalty because I don’t see many, if any, of the teams successfully completing the task.)


First up is Art for Team Border Patrol.

Jersey Shore, Big Brother and Vanessa & Ralph are now attempting the watermelons. Here’s where we get to see the power of the rift between Big Brother and Vanessa & Ralph and according to Vanessa, we get to see Bad Rachel’s “whole entire a--” with her football center watermelon unloading technique. Brendon tries to use their foresight into how fruitless of a task Stacked Up is (fruit pun intended) but Rachel finally admits that Vanessa’s brazen mocking of her factored into the decision.

It may not benefit Vanessa & Ralph in the end since they are still trying that task but they do have a victory in getting inside Bad Rachel’s head and affecting her game play. While I love that someone is openly ridiculing Big Brother, Ralph was right to try to get Vanessa to focus on their own task.

Art surprisingly completes the Roadblock after being drenched by bottle after bottle. Border Patrol is now heading to the Pitstop on foot located at a nearby monument. For their domination of this leg of the race, Art & JJ are team number one, greeted by the most attractive Pitstop companion of Phil’s possibly ever and rewarded with a trip to the Bahamas.

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