The Amazing Race Recap

By Daron Aldridge

December 12, 2011

The uncrowned champions of The Amazing Race. PS: Die, Cindy, die!

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In one sweeping motion, Phil dashed my anticipation for the finale. The elimination of Team Dude Andy & Tommy stung quite a bit, especially considering that two other teams made the same error as them with the clue on the dancers in the square. Because the chatty cabbie of Jeremy & Sandy persuaded his taxi brethren to follow him to his fare’s location, those teams now have a shot at winning.

I don’t like it one bit but there’s nothing I can do about it other than be hopeful that the only remaining team I like (Amani & Marcus) pull out a win. Alas, my wishes rarely jibe with Amazing Race reality. Here are my final rankings/predictions of the season:

  • Engaged couple Ernie & Cindy: Here is the team that I least want to win, so therefore, they are my picks to win. Without Andy & Tommy to dominate the final leg, it really does come down to keeping it together and getting a great cabbie once they get back stateside. Of the three remaining teams, Ernie & Cindy performed the best with not only two first place finishes but several top four placements as well. If they win, I welcome the two months off between seasons for me to regroup and let my disdain for them not taint my desire for the next season.

  • Team NFL Amani & Marcus: The most likable team for me will probably just miss the mat. They have also taken home two first place finishes but the momentum they now have might not be enough to overshadow their mistakes from creeping back in. This is the most important leg and I fear that Marcus will once again be *this* close to getting a championship ring, which isn’t close enough.

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  • Team Apathy dating divorcees Jeremy & Sandy: They scored first place at a good time but it would be better if it was on the very last leg and not the second to last leg. My suspicions are that they will continue their unspectacular ways and be last team to hit the mat. At least, Ernie & Cindy have raced pretty well to get in the finals. This couple is just kinda "there" and it pains me that the more deserving Team Dude is sidelined.

  • The big question now is what will be the final destination city for season 19. There is no time like the present to find out. For the last time, this go-round, let’s start racing.

    Phil gets nostalgic with a clip show of what we have already seen this season. I’m sorry, but he fails to convince me that I should be happy that Jeremy & Sandy are still in the running for a million bucks.

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