The Amazing Race Recap

By Daron Aldridge

December 5, 2011

We lost? That's it. I'm climbing up and I'm gonna jump.

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Last week, we said goodbye to one of the remaining deserving teams – grandparents Bill & Cathi. They raced like a well-oiled piece of farm equipment, kept up with (and repeatedly outperformed) teams half their age and never lost their cool. Unfortunately, they did lose the race. Nice guys (and gals) apparently don’t finish last but rather they finish fifth.

Ma & Pa’s elimination means that the bane of my Amazing Race existence Cindy is still competing and begging for a first place handout. With only four teams left and my allegiances very clearly stated over the last several weeks, here is how I think the final three will shake out:

  • Team Dude Andy &Tommy: The snowboarders have shredded the competition this season with only a couple of NON-first place finishes. One of these winning legs just happened on the last episode in Belgium, during which they overcame being in fourth (out of five) at the start. There is a word for that…frontrunner. Not even a fool would dare rank them anywhere but first. I can say that because I am a fool but still recognize greatness.

  • Engaged couple Ernie & Cindy: I am once again hoping this week give me the chance to test the adage “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” So far, Laurence being out of the race hasn’t made me fonder of him but I think Cindy is an ideal candidate. While my fingers are crossed that this is hers and Ernie’s week for elimination, I just don’t see it. They have successfully tackled the tasks despite Cindy’s self-entitled, judgmental, ugly Americanism several times during the race. Begrudgingly, I predict they will be in the finale, just to ruin it for me.

  • Team NFL Amani & Marcus: While not the dominating performance I initially predicted, Mr. Indianapolis Colts has at least had some bright spots this season (which is something his former team can’t say). David, Kim and I have been waiting for them to turn it on. Sadly, they only seemed to have turned it on with enough power to not be eliminated. It’s not the best strategy but I wager that it will be enough to get them to the final leg.

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  • Team Apathy dating divorcees Jeremy & Sandy: Put them in a lineup and you could probably identify them based solely upon their blandness. They continue to blend into the background and their lack of meaningful confessional/interviews proves my point. The producers can’t even scrap together the bare minimum of footage to make me care about them. At least Cindy elicits a response from me. Jeremy & Sandy can leave and I will have forgotten them by the time Phil asks us to “Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.”

With that piece of business out of the way and our introductory Phil-ography lesson that Belgium has hosted the World’s Fair ten times, let’s get the race started properly.

Once again, Team Dude leaves the mat first and this time that are holding a conspicuously large cardboard box as well as their clue. The teams have to wear the costumes in the box, locate a comic book character at a particular address/mural, and tell him who he is and who they are dressed as to get their next clue. Even though Phil enlightens us that the comic in question is The Adventures of Tintin, which has been translated into 80 languages and is an upcoming animated film directed by Steven Spielberg, not one team knows the answer.

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