The Amazing Race Recap

By Daron Aldridge

November 28, 2011

Take off the helmet. People still know who you are and that we lost.

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Oh, where to begin…

First, thank you to David and Kim for keeping you up to speed on all things Amazing and Race related while I was away. As always, they outdo my efforts. Here are few points from the episodes I missed:

  • I was as happy as I was in Disney World to learn that the Father of the Year (1953) Laurence has been eliminated from my TV. I actually will miss Zac but the lad’s likability wasn’t enough to counteract the extreme distaste I had for Pops. That would only be matched by my desire for Ernie to see the light before shackling himself to Cindy in matrimony.

  • The rise of Team NFL Amani & Marcus Pollard brings me as much joy. I have wanted them to succeed since the beginning and David’s relentless cheering in the last two recaps has proven effective.

  • I would have dominated the spinning puzzle task in Legoland thanks to years of practice conditioning myself spinning the Mad Tea Party as fast as possible to amuse my kids.

  • You were spared my undoubted overuse of Jean Claude van Damme movie titles spread throughout the bodybuilding task. So here goes: “I don’t think I would have had the ‘Lionheart’ to go through with that challenge. It would have been quite a ‘Bloodsport’ because the audience would have gouged out their eyes upon seeing me in a Speedo. That getup gives you ‘Nowhere to Run’ and nowhere to hide. Getting a twelve on that task proved to be quite the ‘Hard Target’ to earn on the first attempt but the Pollards did it.” Ok, I’m done. Thanks for tolerating my childish compulsion.


Now that such silliness of recapping recaps is out of the way, how’s about some power rankings:

  • Team Dude Andy & Tommy: Despite a third place finish at the last proper Pitstop, they are still the team to beat. Exhibit A – The way they worked together seamlessly on the Legoland puzzle task. (Hehehehe…I am still laughing from last week’s recap when David had the brainchild, patent pending toy-in-development Puzzlor modeled after Team Dude.)

  • Team NFL Amani & Marcus: They turned it on at the right time and even though it was kind of a Pitstop psych-out, they were still first and have a prize to prove it. I believe they can keep this mojo going that we have been waiting for all season. Besides, they had to win at least one time because not all the Colts should be winless this season. [rimshot] Let’s make it two first place finishes, Pollards.

  • Engaged & enraged/entitled Ernie & Cindy: It breaks my heart they are still in the race or rather that she is. The fact that she passive-aggressively points out that Ernie was the reason they didn’t complete the bodybuilding task the first time speaks volumes. And those volumes are all in the newly released book series: “Run, Ernie, Run.” I hate myself for doing it but I think they will make it to the final three and that any time penalty for their train ticket mess up will not bite them in the keister. I have no faith that karma will paid back this leg.

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