The Amazing Race Recap

By Daron Aldridge

November 7, 2011

We were doing great until we had to start talking to one another.

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Man, if you like non-eliminations, this has been the season for you. Only six episodes into it and they have already used three of them. Since they usually only have three or four a season, it is "do or die" time for the teams.

Thankfully, last week’s non-elimination spared one of my favorite teams, so I had no bitterness about that result. Let’s take a gander my rankings as of this week. Again, these are determined by a scientific evaluation of how they have raced so far, the placement at the end of each leg, and the heavily weighted "how much I want them to win." (Okay, not scientific at all but you aren’t here for science…at least, I hope not.)

  • Team Dude snowboarders Andy & Tommy: If this surprises you, then we have either been watching a different show or I am not as predictable as I think. There really isn’t much arguing that Andy & Tommy are the team to beat. I just REALLY hope their streak stays alive.

  • Siblings Justin & Jennifer: They outpaced Team Dude to the mat but forgetting a cardinal rule of “pay your cabbie” cost them first place. Justin & Jennifer seem to excel where they need to in order to compete. Whether it’s fueled by healthy sibling rivalry or sheer contempt for one another, it’s working for them.

  • Team Task Master engaged couple Ernie & Cindy: The betrothed team had a rather unremarkable leg but they are still overcoming their rule of "one mistake per leg," which is good for them until they get into the latter legs. Fortunately, the other teams are equally adept at messing up. It could take only one big mistake for them to get passed by…

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  • Team Test Drive dating divorcees Jeremy & Sandy: Jeremy & Sandy experienced only a minor argument while hauling beds to the pitstop and that is an accomplishment. Unlike Team Sibling Rivalry, they don’t have years of competing to make outbursts work for them.

  • Grandparents Bill & Cathi: I will admit that despite being the oldest team, years of ranching have served Ma & Pa well on the race. Bill, in particular, flew through the tobacco bale Roadblock last leg. They work well together as you would expect, which could work for them like it does for Team Dude or against them as evidenced in bitter siblings Justin & Jennifer.

  • Mr. & Mrs. NFL Amani & Marcus: Like Ma & Pa before them, Amani & Marcus are only hanging around the race because of the luck of the non-elimination leg. This is where my subjectivity comes into play in a major way. My affinity toward Team NFL is the only justification for not placing them in last. I want them to be better but they just need to turn it in on. NOW. Otherwise, I would have to do something I don’t want, like continue listening to…

  • Father/son Laurence & Zac: Too be fair, Laurence is the subject of my scorn on this team. You can’t choose your parents, so Zac is off the hook. I won’t judge him by the sins of his father. Laurence proved himself highly unlikable with his childish, chauvinistic amazement that women would NOT choose a sewing task. Similar to the strong showings by Team Test Drive and Ma & Pa that I didn’t predict, these guys haven’t lived up to what they should be able to do. I believe it will catch up to them.

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