The Amazing Race Recap

By Daron Aldridge

September 26, 2011

We didn't get eliminated, but we definitely deserved to be!

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Welcome to the first official episode recap for Season 19 of The Amazing Race. I say "official" because you have undoubtedly already read my introductions to the teams and first impressions based upon interviews. To be fair (and more realistic), I should say “I really, really hope you already read…”

Our master of ceremonies Phil Keoghan kicks off the season with shots of the Pacific Coast and settles in on the starting line of the race – a temple in Los Angeles. As the teams exit the charter bus that is discreetly wrapped to serve as a rolling billboard for the show, they waste no time and give each team about a 30-second introduction video package.

To recap them before we get to recap their first leg, we have:

  • Andy & Tommy – former Olympic snowboarders. They assure us that the slacker stereotype will fade when it comes time to compete. I feel good about already dubbing them Team Dude.

  • Ethan & Jenna – dating Survivor winners. Ethan’s bout with and current remission for cancer gives the "Survivor" tag more gravitas.

  • Laurence & Zac – father/son boating experts.

  • Ernie & Cindy – engaged corporate America flunkies. Okay, that "flunkies" part may be harsh and isn’t in their clip but their online interviews still resonate with me in that they could easily be labeled Team Middle Management.

  • Justin & Jennifer – brother and sister. They supposedly talk out their issues or yell them out but Justin slaps her with a “hothead” label that she seems to embrace with an unashamed, “I agree.” This pair could be entertaining and complete Race failures.

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  • Bill & Cathi – married grandparents. They are confident that years working their ranch will prepare them for anything the Race throws at them. I hope they are wrong because I pegged them for first elimination.

  • Liz & Marie – identical twins. Let’s just throw it out there right now. I will not be able to tell these two apart. Maybe they could use their supposed psychic connection to help me keep it straight. I have a hard enough time when teammates aren’t twins. The ball is in the court of the producers to make sure they tell us which sister is performing which challenge.

  • Jeremy & Sandy – dating divorcees. Jeremy likens the Race to taking a car to the shop to have it checked out before buying it. So, we have our first bonehead who thinks the high stress environment of the Race is the ideal deciding factor about whether to marry Sandy. Just cut your losses now, Sandy.

  • Ron & Bill – flight attendants/domestic partners. Like I presume, they think their careers could give them an advantage.

  • Amani & Marcus – married parents. Amani doesn’t get any screen time (she may be mute for all we know) because the producers focus on Marcus’s 10 years in the NFL. I do agree that he does know how to compete and if that comes back to him; then they could be a force.

  • Kaylani & Lisa – former showgirls. Well, "showgirls" is a much more accurate way to describe them than their Q&A occupation of "cocktail waitress." We had Jeremy fill the void of the guy who thinks the Race will provide future marriage answers and now we have obligatory pair that thinks their beauty will make people think they’re dumb but claim to be really smart. Just like 50,000,000 Elvis Fans (or even 50 Phil Ochs fans) Can’t Be Wrong, if EVERYONE thinks they're not too bright, then there just may be something to it. Also, I doubt I will be able to distinguish between these interchangeable buxom brunettes, either.

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