The Amazing Race Recap

By Daron Aldridge

September 26, 2011

We didn't get eliminated, but we definitely deserved to be!

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Sandy, Cindy, Amani, Jennifer and Ron (I think) step up for the first solo task. When Ethan & Jenna arrive, Ethan takes the Roadblock. Many failed attempts are shown next and each is accompanied by a gong sound and a ginormous “WRONG” graphic. If only the teams had the benefit of such a jarring notice of their failures.

Cindy finally gets it right and her team is off and heading to a riverside park. Jennifer secures the clue for her and her brother next.

The second time is the charm for Team Dude’s Andy & Tommy, who previously ignored the correct billboard clue translation with Ethan & Jenna. With Team Regatta Laurence & Zac by their side, they head to the temple and decide the manly way of one will perform the Roadblock – Rock, Paper, Scissors. All decisions should use this infallible method. I think it’s Andy whose Scissors lost to Rock. Zac opts in for his team.

Next out of the temple are Jeremy & Sandy.

Back gawking at the billboard, one of the twins asks the question, “Are we idiots or what?” Yes, you are idiots. Don’t get mad at me. You’re the one who asked the question. I was just answering for the rest of America. But to be fair, I may argue their ignorance is the result of poor education, and you have to look no further than retired educators Bill & Cathi who have left the part of the town they started in and are checking the top floor of a skyscraper. They do resolve to not give up, which is commendable, and they haven’t turned on each other like the showgirls did at the airport.


Ethan gets the proverb right and passes Ron and Amani to put his team fourth out of the Roadblock. Ernie & Cindy are the first to the next clue and are greeted by the sight of several dragon boats. One person has to help the team row, while the other has to keep the beat with a drum. It seems like there is little opportunity for error on this task, since there are about a dozen other people on the same boat.

As Ernie & Cindy complete the task, Jeremy & Sandy and Justin & Jennifer are working on it also. The final clue of the leg points them to the Martyrs’ Shrine. The engaged couple is in first for now and looking squarely at grabbing the Express Pass.

Meanwhile, all the first flight teams have finished the Roadblock (Amani & Marcus, Ron & Bill, Laurence & Zac and Andy & Tommy), just in time for the Bimbo Brigade to dock at the Confucius Temple. I think it is Lisa that does the Roadblock for her team. I am basing this upon the fact that she appears to get it correct on the first attempt and there is no way that scatter-brained, passport-dropping Kaylani could perform that well. The twins, on the other hand, are struggling…as you may have expected at this point.

But it’s a bit of a hollow victory for the showgirls because they are now faced with their previously "awarded" Hazard. This involves them having to go to the Core City Pacific Mall and searching the 11th floor for the next clue. The Hazard is basically just another name for a SpeedBump, which as we’ve seen before, may prove to be a mere inconvenience or a game-loser. The Hazard for them requires one person to perform an indoor bungee jump. Kaylani steps up this time for the team. Factoring in the twins’ inability to memorize Confucius, the grandparents’ lack of clue finding, and how quickly a bungee jump will take, it will probably be just an inconvenience.

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