How to Spend $20

By David Mumpower

July 27, 2011

Miami is *hot*.

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This week: David Bowie's son does his follow up to Ziggy Stardust, Ross Gellar teaches us all about statutory rape, and Bruce Campbell has a movie. Oh, screw everything else. Bruce Campbell has a movie!

For people who were frustrated by the straightforward nature of Primer: Source Code

Yeah, so Jake Gyllenhaal is a time traveling super soldier attempting to stop a bomb from blowing up a train. Or maybe he isn’t. Source Code is the first Hollywood studio feature from Duncan Jones, whom you may know as Zowie Bowie. The scion of David was raised with one of the weirdest names ever given to a human being, but he instead chose the most conventional name possible in launching his career as a director. His first high profile feature, Moon, is a lavishly praised science fiction piece that the staff of BOP adored. Source Code is somehow an even stranger concept that has been given even more glowing reviews. 91% of critics at Rotten Tomatoes enjoy the movie, which has to be a first for a title starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Source Code is one of those titles that you are going to watch at some point. If you want to participate in the conversations, sooner is better than later, making this the best theatrical release now available on home video.


For people who understand this title and only them: Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

You may not know this but Tiziano Sclavi is a real name and an Italian gentleman with said name writes a comic about a New Orleans detective who investigates the paranormal. He may or may not also be a Saints fan. I’m not privy to that information. Actually, he probably isn’t because in Sclavi’s work, the detective is based in London. Presumably because Brandon Routh is incapable of realistic acting, much less realistic acting while faking a British accent, the character’s home base is relocated to Louisiana. This also allows him to make a move on Sookie Stackhouse should the opportunity ever present itself.

As you can tell by my meandering, I really don’t have any idea what this story entails beyond the basic description. Dylan Dog solves vampire and werewolf crimes thanks to the assistance of his undead manservant. If that sentence doesn’t hook you, there isn’t much else left to say…other than the fact that Dylan Dog is the most popular comic in Italy over the past half century. Casting Brandon Routh in the starring role for such a film strikes me as a huge slap in the face bordering on a declaration of war.

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