Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

By BOP Staff

June 7, 2011

He kills Cubs the way that comets kill dinosaurs.

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Kim Hollis: We've had Thor and X-Men already so far this summer, with Green Lantern a couple of weekends away and Captain America in a month. At what point do you worry that superhero fatigue might set in, even with these big productions from Marvel and DC?

Brett Beach: I felt fatigued by the release schedule before summer even started. I feel like there are too many and the average consumer is going to start tuning out very soon, the same way they have actively opted to seek non-3D versions of the May releases. I liked David's take on the possible performance of the June slate and The Green Lantern in particular. I part ways however and say that it looks terrible, with nothing to redeem it for any excitement for me, and any success will be directly a result of Ryan Reynolds' charm, likability and hotness. I feel, nonetheless, that it will go down and go down hard.

Tom Houseman: Thor is very, very lucky that it got the jump on Captain America and Green Lantern. Will either of those bomb? No, especially since they have big name leading men. But I don't picture either of them being smash hits, especially since Captain A is really just a setup for next year's Avengers movie.


Bruce Hall: I think fatigue has already set in, but I don't think movie goers are tired enough of super hero flicks to stay away entirely. Audiences will forgive gluttony to a point, as long as the product is entertaining. My theory is that at some point, two or three of these in a row are going to bomb, simply because they will happen to all be terrible movies. And that will be the time when studios and audiences alike are going to scatter like roaches. Will it be this summer? I kind of doubt it, but I see I'm not the only one who's just not getting a damn thing from these Green Lantern trailers. If that film's box office performance is as uninspiring as the previews, we may be having this conversation again very soon.

Reagen Sulewski: I'm far less worried about fatigue setting in and more about whether these films are any good. Green Lantern appears to be a dead franchise walking, and Captain America has some serious uncanny valley problems to get over, as well as the inherent cheesiness of the idea. It's summer - there's room out there for lots of blockbusters. But they've got to not suck.

Edwin Davies: I agree with Bruce that fatigue won't set in in earnest until we get a run of terrible comic book movies that cause people to start actively avoiding superhero movies. Whilst there have undoubtedly been some really terrible superhero movies in recent years - we've already mentioned two of them, X-Men: The Last Stand and Wolverine, in our previous discussion - but they generally tend to be balanced out by the good or great ones. Considering the quality of both Thor and X-Men: First Class, I can't see people being put off seeing The Green Lantern or Captain America just because they are superhero movies, but they will if they turn out to be dreadful.

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