Weekend Wrap-Up

X-Men Prequel Pounds Hangover 2

By John Hamann

June 5, 2011

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Finishing second is The Hangover Part II, which was hugely successful last weekend over the very long Memorial Day frame. The comedy sequel had already earned $152 million by Thursday, only its eighth day of release. It was no secret that Hangover II was going to suffer in its second weekend. It had been way too successful over its first week not to see a very healthy drop. This weekend, The Hangover Part II earned $32.2 million, giving it a drop compared to last weekend of 62%. While that appears to be a very painful number, remember that the original Hangover had only one weekend when it earned that much – its first – and that the North American total for Part II now stands at $186.9 million, a number the first didn't see until its fifth weekend. So yes, the drop was bad, and yes, it's not as good of a movie as the first, but let's remember that The Hangover Part II was made for $80 million, has a running domestic total of $186.9, and has pulled in over $60 million in a handful of territories overseas. That $80 million investment from Warner Bros. is going to turn into at least a half-billion before all is said and done.

Third spot this weekend goes to the other Memorial Day sequel, Kung Fu Panda 2. I thought Po and company had gotten the "big theater squeeze" from Hangover 2, and might bounce back this weekend, but it's not the case. After taking in a disappointing $47.7 million over three days last weekend, the mighty panda was only able to drum up $24.3 million this weekend. That gives the Jack Black flick a drop of 49% and tells Paramount that it should have gotten its head out of its ass and not released this against The Hangover Part II. Kung Fu Panda 2 cost Paramount $70 million MORE to make than Hangover II, and the gross for Panda 2 pales in comparison. Not being "the" film over opening weekend has damned this one to box office mediocrity, despite having earned almost $200 million worldwide so far. Give it $100.4 million at the domestic box office so far, with $150-175 million looking like a domestic total (the first earned $215 million).


Fourth is Pirates of the Caribbean: Damn The Franchise, which at least had one healthy weekend. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides earned $18 million in its third weekend, and follows its Memorial Day Weekend plunge of 56% with a drop compared to last weekend of 55%. Really, though, this is a similar drop pattern as the last film, which dropped 61% and 52% over its second and third weekends. The difference here is the starting amount, as At World's End started with $114 million and dipped to $44 million in its second weekend. On Stranger Tides started with $90 million and dipped to $39 million. On Stranger Tides is cashing in overseas – it has already earned more than a half-billion, and has taken in $190.3 million on the domestic side. Financially, North America is becoming an after-thought when it comes to the summer blockbuster, and it's only a matter of time until the creative side feels the same.

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