The Amazing Race All-Stars Recap

By Daron Aldridge

April 13, 2011

How weird. He's not yelling and complaining in this picture.

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I hope you enjoyed your two week Pitstop from the Race but it’s time to jump back in it in India. As a refresher, the last leg let Margie & Luke prove they couldn’t race unless their cheerleading compatriots were around.

Now let’s take a look at how the racers are faring.

1. (tie)Father/daughter Gary & Mallory (Season 17) and Cowboys Jet & Cord (Season 16) – I am starting to feel like a broken record but these teams from Kentucky and Oklahoma, respectively, have yet to be dethroned in my eyes as frontrunners. I will be shocked and supremely disappointed if they aren’t both in the final three. My praise is the same as before: They have shown over and over they know how to race smart and calm despite a couple of stumbles for both on the very first leg.

2. Best friends Zev & Justin (Season 15) – These chums have made some mistakes (Hello, Chinese Zodiac and Dino Roadblock) but they keep bouncing back. They seem to have enough working in their favor to overcome their pitfalls. I think that is what sets them apart from the other teams ranked lower than them.


3. Goth couple Kent & Vyxsin (Season 12) and Globetrotters Flight Time & Big Easy (Season 15) – Here are two teams worlds apart on the likability scale but seem to be the same performance-wise this season as pure middle of the pack racers. It’s because of that I have to give them such a ranking. I echo my plea to the Globetrotters to step it up and for Kent & Vyxsin to implode but neither is listening to me. That means I predict they will stick it out for another couple legs and that’s it.

4. Father/Daughter Ron & Christina (Season 12) – Meanwhile, this father/daughter combo is one Ron-sized tantrum away from the wheels flying off their car. I don’t see how they can continue to hang on with a man that can barely keep his default emotion of anger in check. I wish I could go back and re-watch season 12 to see how in the blazes they ended up second.

5. Sisters Kisha & Jen (Season 14) – Okay, I like this team and their ranking on the bottom rung is two-fold. First, their glimpses of being strong competitors have become more infrequent and they seem to be on a downward slide. If you need a lesson in the power of momentum, check out our recaps of this season’s Survivor and how Boston Rob’s tribe is doing. Right now, Kisha & Jen are lacking in momentum and it will catch up to them. Secondly (and this one is admittedly preposterous), they are the only team left from season 14. In fact, every team eliminated so far on Unfinished Business has been from season 14. So my math tells me that after tonight’s episode, 2 + 2 = no more season 14 teams.

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