The Amazing Race All Stars Recap

By Daron Aldridge

March 29, 2011

The agony of defeat.

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Here’s the score so far this season: Three teams have had to complete a U-Turn and two of those were eliminated as a result. With last week’s Double U-Turn, Jaime & Cara never fully recovered and I honestly question whether Jaime even finished the dinosaur Roadblock.

Anyway, last week’s happenings shuffled things a bit for me in the power rankings. Here goes:

1. (tie)Father/daughter Gary & Mallory (Season 17) and Cowboys Jet & Cord (Season 16) – Even though they played their Express Pass last time, Gary & Mallory showed they can race well by actually making it five episodes (or three legs) before feeling as if they needed to play it. But the fact they played it and still ended up second to the cowboys is why the father/daughter combo shares the pole position here with the Oklahoma brothers. Jet & Cord have regained their race prowess over the last couple legs and Jet was far and away the most skilled at the dinosaur Roadblock. At this point, I see both of these teams racing to the finish line against each other.

2. Sisters Kisha & Jen (Season 14) – Our other sibling team continues to race well but slipped a bit last week with the cursed Roadblock, which knocked them from first to fifth. They still have had a strong showing on the race thus far and I believe they could break away from the back of the pack for a spot in the final three.

3. Mother/son Margie & Luke (Season 14) – So their previous first place non-finish at the faux-Pitstop may not have been a fluke after all. They secured third last week and without relying upon their alliance with Jaime & Cara. I miscalculated who was the dominant team in that alliance. This week will show if they can race well without those crutches.


4. Globetrotters Flight Time & Big Easy (Season 15) – The guys laughed in the face of a U-Turn and didn’t hesitate to celebrate that they overcame it to land in sixth on the mat. The very fact that they were neck-and-neck with the cheerleaders through the U-Turn and they zoomed past them says it all. They still reside out my top three because I am still failing to see their race magic from Season 15.

5. Best friends Zev & Justin (Season 15) – While he didn’t fall apart like Zev did with the zodiac wind chime, Justin struggled a long time with the dinosaur. That makes back-to-back Roadblocks that resulted in pitiful performances by my once-favored-to-win team. IF they get their act together then they could be a threat but right now, they are a couple of teams removed from even the final three.

6. Goth couple Kent & Vyxsin (Season 12) – The wisely played U-Turn against the cheerleaders gave the Goths a reprieve but they are still too unstable and potentially uncooperative to amount to actual contenders.

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