The Amazing Race All Stars Recap

By Daron Aldridge

March 29, 2011

The agony of defeat.

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7. Father/Daughter Ron & Christina (Season 12) – Christina may have kept her cool during last week’s Roadblock (oh my, can you imagine the apocalyptic outburst if Ron was the dino constructor?) but she made several errors that pushed them farther down in the slots at the Pitstop. Coupled with the uncanny ability to get lost, these two remain power ranking bottom dwellers.

Jet & Cord are the first to rip into their clue to find out that they are heading to…a tea shop in China. The disappointment that the viewer may feel in hanging around China is echoed by several of the teams who are clearly not fans of the country. They each head off to said tea shop and must drink a cup of a papaya mango tea to get their clue. Phil drops some knowledge on the viewer that this tea will be the same one they will need to identify in a later challenge.

Gary & Mallory get to the shop first with the cowboys right behind them. After polishing off their tea, the clue points them to Calcutta, India.

As we go through each of teams leaving the Pitstop and making it to the tea shop without any drama, the only team that actually inquires about the tea’s flavor is Ron & Christina. Since Ron has spent the better part of his time in China eyeing or eating food, this is not shocking at all. Also of note: Zev is wearing shiny silver pajamas. He and Justin decided that this unique wardrobe choice would be a nice change for them. If they say so, but it really just looks like Zev is either a member of Devo or a baked potato.


The producers don’t waste any time showing the teams jockeying for flights. Everyone is on the same one that touches down in India and is followed by a mad dash out to the taxis for the teams. This whole scene is bizarre and reeks of producer-staging. The teams run out of the airport down a very deliberately clear aisle surrounded by rows and rows of people. I half expected an announcer to chime in with calling all the teams’ names, a la the start of any NBA game.

The next few minutes highlight some of the most insanely dangerous driving this side of Ronin with some teams hootin’ and hollerin’ with joy (hello, Jet & Cord) and others that should’ve stocked up on Depends (Ron, Christina and the garbage truck that almost t-boned the cab as it ran a red light). Everyone is racing to Town Hall only to find out that they will be sleeping on the street until the 10 a.m. opening time.

The earlier teams of the Globtrotters, sisters, Goths and Zev & Justin do entertain themselves by egging on Gary & Mallory to keep running around looking for the clue box.

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