Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

By BOP Staff

February 8, 2011

Brett Favre will be challenging him for the belt at Wrestlemania XXVII.

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I liked all the ones where the guys did stupid things.

Kim Hollis: What was your favorite non-movie Super Bowl commercial?

Josh Spiegel: The Snickers ad with Richard Lewis and Roseanne. While I know a lot of people like the Darth Vader as a child ad, it was cute but did not make me laugh. Both ads win for not being crass or juvenile or needlessly complicated, but as awful as it is, I laughed at Roseanne's appearance at the end of the Snickers ad. Which may have been crass and/or juvenile. Okay, my criteria don't make sense, but these were the most notable ads of the night that did not suck and/or involve Oscar winners.

Brett Beach: I wasn't sure I would come up with anything until I saw the insect-themed ad for the 2011 Beetle. It kept me watching to see what the product was going to be, and I found it to be visually exciting, and, more importantly, it imparted a real sense of exhilaration. The worst was the ad for the new digital newspaper The Daily that made use of Joey Ramone's cover of "What a Wonderful World." Whoever in his estate allowed that song to shill for Rupert Murdoch should be keelhauled.

Reagen Sulewski: It doesn't fit the usual "be funny" paradigm of Super Bowl ads (although, neither did Pepsi's! Hi-yo!) but from a short film aspect, the Chrysler 200 ad with Eminem was very well done. I also like the "Kid in a candy store" ad for CarMax, which really had fun with its theme.


Bruce Hall: I am probably the only guy in America who finds the ads AND the halftime show an irritating distraction from the game, but yes I liked the Vader Kid. What can I say. I spent a lot of hours at the breakfast table trying to bend cereal spoons with my mind after seeing Jedi five times.

Jim Van Nest: I liked the Vader ad, but much prefer the full 1:00 add that's been on YouTube for the last few days. I agree with Reagen on the Eminem Detroit ad...I thought that was very well done. Probably third for me was the Old West-Tiny Dancer Budweiser ad. But that could be because it was the only sorta-Clydesdale ad of the night...effing InBev.

Kim Hollis: I also liked the Eminem live-action ad, and the Tiny Dancer ad. Anything that invokes Almost Famous is all right with me.

David Mumpower: Upon reflection, the ad that impressed me the most in terms of making me want to buy the product is the Motorola Xoom. They somehow managed to take a shot at the Samsung Galaxy AND the iPad at the same time. Otherwise, I rarely line up with the Super Bowl Ad Meter with regards to likes and dislikes. I found the dog commercial insipid other than the poker joke at the end and even that was a bit obvious. I admire the honesty of the Pepsi "IwannasleepwithherIwannasleepwithher" ad, but it didn't make me want to buy Pepsi. Then again, I wasn't stoned enough for the Coke ad with the dragon or several others this year. A lot of World of Warcraft players seemed in charge of the 2011 Super Bowl ad campaigns. My favorite overall ad was that strangely gripping Audi spot where they broke out of Rich Person Jail.

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