Top Chef: All-Stars Recap

Night at the Museum

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 14, 2010

This is actually a nicer look than she gave the judges.

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It seems quite clear that one team dominated, while the other one…well, the other one is looking at having a contestant eliminated.

Before final judging, Tiffani is bitching that she thought T-Rexes are omnivorous (they weren’t, unless you count the vegetables inside the things they ate). She thought her team should have had a bigger advantage since she won the quickfire, and Marcel points out that getting to choose your dinosaur was the advantage. Fabio also notes that they gnocchi with no eggs and no butter. Where was the adaptation for Team Meat?

Indeed, the first team that the judges call to their table is Team Veg. We don’t go straight to the judging, though. Instead, we get to see more sour grapes from Team T-Rex, who bitch that Team Brontosaurus’s food didn’t seem like something that should be served for breakfast. Jen comments that she cooks for the judges, not the kids, and Dale Levitski (who doesn’t seem to like her) calls her out for it. Jen has a bad moon rising all the way around. She thinks they should have won and that their dishes were better, and that they were also screwed on the technicality of the rules. We’re sure she’ll be polite to their faces, though…


Back to the winners, and the judges are highly complimentary. They all agree that the process of working together was very organic, though some of them bring up minor disagreements. They’re able to laugh about it now. They do single out the banana parfait as the best dish, at which point the three people involved stay perfectly in character with regard to their victory. Richard Blais says he’ll celebrate for five munutes and then move on. Angelo brags that when he’s on a streak, he’s tough to beat, and Marcel takes credit for the success of the entire dish, saying that if they could have picked only one person to win, they would have picked him. This is why we love Richard Blais, and would like to light Marcel on fire.

Team T-Rex arrives for their flaying, and Tiffani once again reiterates that she didn’t feel that the challenge was fair. Gail notes that the challenge is about adaptability, while Jen bitches a little bit more about the beast’s omnivorous nature not being taken into account. Tom puts that to a stop right quick when he asks whether they really believe the challenge wasn’t explained specifically enough. The judges also seem to confirm for us that the players we think are ripe for elimination are in fact the ones we mentioned before, with perhaps the exception of Casey, who appears to be safe in addition to Tiffani and Dale L.

Jen’s body language is that of a five-year-old kid who has just thrown a tantrum in the middle of a department store. Clearly, the sleep deprivation, double work load and frustration over available ingredients has put her on tilt. This is the time where we remember that Jen had a very bad three-episode run during her otherwise stellar Top Chef Las Vegas showing.

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