Top Chef: All-Stars Recap

Night at the Museum

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 14, 2010

This is actually a nicer look than she gave the judges.

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None of the contestants seems to understand why they’re being split into teams like this, but it seems pretty obvious to us that these groupings will carry through to the Elimination Challenge. We’re surprised they don’t put two and two together, but maybe they do and just don’t mention it.

Before the kids come in for their snacks, Stephen lays it out. Will the kids want something kind of salty and semi-healthy (Spike’s snack) or something ridiculously sweet? The answer seems pretty obvious. One of the kids actually comments that they don’t really like raisins, which are in, you guessed it, Spike’s dish.

So now that the kids are pumped full of sugar, they bring on their idol, Joe Jonas. Who was the genius who planned this? Any glass cases that were in the museum before are now shattered.

Joe Jonas gets to the all important topic of which dish is the favorite. Spike’s dish elicits…well, it sounds like everyone’s in a library, and they’ve just been shushed. As for Tiffany’s dish, well, the response is like you might expect for a Superbowl winning team, or maybe Joe Jonas. Tiffani Faison wins immunity, and she is extremely appreciative.


Before the contestants can move, Tom walks out. At this point, they do the math and realize they’ve been divided up into teams for the next challenge. Even worse, they’re gonna have to sleep in the museum (and not much sleep at that). The Elimination Challenge will require them to prepare breakfast for the children and the museum workers, so no they’re going to be dealing with no sleep, an early start time, and…more screaming kids. Maybe Joe Jonas can whip up a couple of desserts.

As her reward for making Joe Jonas happy, Tiffani is given the opportunity to choose her team’s ingredients for the challenge. The choices are T-Rex, which is composed of meat and meat by-products, such as eggs and dairy only. The other option is Brontosaurus, which is fruits, vegetables and grains only. Tiffani goes with meat, because bacon is breakfast. What could possibly go wrong?

There are three camps after the challenge is announced. We have the anti-social set, including Tre (who wants to sleep in the nude), Stephen, who is used to living in a mansion, or perhaps on a yacht when he’s slumming it. We also have the women, who just want to get some sleep. And then there are the boys who absolutely loved Night at the Museum and are trying to figure out which of the miniature figurines will talk to them just like Owen Wilson did.

Before everyone crashes for an hour or two, both teams split all their members into pairings for better efficiency. Team T-Rex has Dale Levitski & Tiffani, Jamie & Jen, Casey & Tre and Tiffany & Antonia. For Team Brontosaurus, it’s Richard Blais, Angelo and Marcel, Dale T. & Mike, Carla & Spike and Fabio & Stephen. They pre-plan some dishes, and hope that the stock room will supply them with the things they need.

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