Survivor: Nicaragua Recap

Company Will Be Arriving Soon

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 4, 2010

A picture says a thousand words about the stupidity of the younger players.

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We joke about this a lot, but NaOnka seems to be the person who has stayed unstable during the game for the longest amount of time. Other people have brief moments of insanity. NaOnka has descended to the depths of madness and stayed there. When the tribe members notice that all the food is missing, Holly connects the dots and realizes that NaOnka is the responsible party. The other tribe members begin pressing NaOnka on the subject, which is when she comes up with the weird explanation that she put the flour in her bag but then took it back out and put it away. Even Fabio thinks this is odd, wondering what purpose was served by putting it in her bag in the first place. This earns a terse denial that she stole the flour. NaOnka then repeats this denial to all of the remaining players. Finally, she lobs a couple of F-bombs at Fabio and storms off.

Our challenge as writers this season is coming up with ways to describe the new levels of crazy NaOnka is displaying. She’s not even happy now that the one-legged girl is gone. NaOnka is the type of person who would win the lottery and be pissed because she didn’t like the pen she had to use to cash the check. We don’t think she’d spend the money on artificial limb research.

Eventually, Alina and Chase talk NaOnka into admitting that she did steal the food, and again, her tribemates don’t understand. She tries to justify it by saying it was her way of rationing it. At this point, Marty throws his hands up in the air and says, “Come on! Vote her out!”

Even so, Brenda, Sash and Chase have determined that NaOnka is worth taking to the end, because there’s no way she’d be awarded the million dollars. Sash sleazily tells her that she’ll be taken along and she doesn’t need to worry about any thing. We think if you touch Sash, he might be a little slimy. Ick.


The other tension in the camp occurs when Jane delivers another fish to the tribe. Almost all of her tribemates think this is awesome. Marty, however, will not let this act of aggression stand. To his extreme frustration, he is the only one who sees her for the monster she is. We’ll let him explain it:

“The more Jane stays in the game, the more complicated the game gets. I think they all see the connections that she’s now made with Chase. I betcha that can’t be unwound – the whole Carolina thing, and my momma told me, and all that crap. It’s now infected Chase and it’s going to continue to spread like cancerous tentacles through the tribe.”

The cancerous tentacles in question are quality parenting and friendship. Watch your backs, Survivors!

He chooses to vent his frustration to…Brenda. Yes, the same Brenda that hates him. We are not duly impressed with Marty’s social game. His rant basically serves to make Brenda want to vote him out sooner, before his actual cancerous tentacles infect Benry, Chase and Fabio.

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