Survivor: Nicaragua Recap

Company Will Be Arriving Soon

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 4, 2010

A picture says a thousand words about the stupidity of the younger players.

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Immediately, Brenda and NaOnka take a walk to discuss everything that has happened in the time they were apart. Essentially, they establish that Alina is dangerous and Marty must go. When NaOnka realizes that Sash has the other Immunity Idol, there is much celebration between the two of them.

Brenda is often compared to Parvati Shallow in terms of gameplay, and it’s true that the newcomer does seem to have the ability to flirt her way into the heart of dudes and dudettes alike. However, we can’t help but wonder if she isn’t making the same mistake Parvati did during the Heroes vs. Villains season. Parvati aligned with Evil Loser Russell, thinking she could take him to the end game and beat him. In the end, that backfired on her, as she was considered guilty by association of all the crappy things ELR did. Is Brenda committing a similar mistake by thowing in her lot with malicious NaOnka?

On a happier note, Jane and Chase make a real connection as they learn they are both from North Carolina and have some commonalities. Jane lost her husband recently, while Chase’s father passed away, so they can share in a little wistful sadness. He sees Jane as a surrogate mother on the island, and she has already connected well with the younger members of the tribe. It’s a really nice moment.


It doesn’t last, though, because NaOnka…gets pissed off that her fellow Survivors eat the food she cooked for them. No, we don’t get it, either. She seems to think she has been slighted somehow, and starts mumbling about how vengeance will be hers and the hour of purification is at hand and the unbelievers will blah blah blah, and walks off with a jar of flour. Holly, who has some experience in being nefarious as she is the one responsible for filling Dan’s shoes with sand and throwing them in the water (why doesn’t Dan ever remember that?), is immediately suspicious and wonders what Na is up to. Well, the answer is that NaOnka buries the flour in the ground. That’ll show ‘em. We guess. She also eats some of the fruit, which is probably more impacting. Then, she starts talking to herself, which we guess is less crazy if you can accept that she’s talking to the camera. Remember when Spock got all hepped up on spores and wanted to kill Captain Kirk? Of course not. You’re under 50. Okay, Captain Kirk is the guy from that show $*!& My Dad Says. We would all have been better off if Spock had accomplished his crazy plan.

But we digress.

NaOnka decides that there’s not enough drama around camp, and tells Alina that everyone is gunning for her. Naturally, this makes Alina very upset. NaOnka claims to have done this to earn Alina’s vote (she gives her some of the stolen fruit to eat while they have the conversation), but we’re pretty sure NaOnka is just bored. And crazy. And vile. Why did we start listening to her again?

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