Weekend Wrap-Up for October 8-10, 2010

Network Leads Soft Box Office

By John Hamann

October 10, 2010

Lisbeth Salander gonna kick his ass.

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Secretariat finished third this weekend, as Disney's faith-based horse racing flick stumbled out of the gate. The Blind Side wannabe opened to $12.6 million from 3,072 venues this weekend, where the Sandra Bullock starrer started with $34 million. With the ending to this one obvious, I don't quite get why Disney turned a fairly safe $32 million bet into a nightmare by spending 1.5 times the production budget on marketing. I could see it if you had a title that was hot, but Secretariat's 66% fresh rating doesn't exactly yell "go out and see this one." As far as legs, it will be interesting to see where this one goes. Seabiscuit earned over five times its $20 million opening weekend ($121 million domestic), and Secretariat has the Disney brand, but I doubt it, due to lack of quality and its inability to hold up as well over opening weekend.

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole manages to stay in the top five this weekend. Those darn owls earned $7 million, and the movie was off 36% compared to last weekend. After a troubling $16 million opening weekend, The Owls have come back a bit due to mostly solid holds over the last two weekends, although that $80 million budget figure is still a ways off. The Owls may be able to eke $60 million out of North American theatres, then do the same overseas. In short, the Zack Snyder flick won't be a disaster. Give it $39.4 million so far.

Fifth spot goes to our other opener this weekend, Wes Craven's My Soul To Take. The Universal 3D flick is the third horror release out over the last two weekends, and this one fared much like the other two – poorly. My Soul To Take earned only $6.9 million from 2,572 venues, with about 1,800 of those being of the 3D variety. Produced for about $25 million, the Universal release is simple October filler, not costing the studio too much in the end. Like last weekend's Case 39, Soul was not screened for critics, but of the reviews that are available, one has to wonder why Wes Craven would return to directing after a six-year absence for this one. Maybe it was a warm up for Scream 4, which opens in April 2011.

Sixth goes to Ben Affleck's The Town, which had another solid hold in its fourth weekend of release. The Town earned $6.4 million this weekend, off 35% from the previous frame. The $37 million Warner Bros. release has now pulled in $73.8 million, and looks to finish with about $85-90 million.


Wall Street 2 finishes seventh this weekend as the sequel continues to struggle. After dropping 47% last weekend, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps dropped another 54% this weekend, earning only $4.6 million. The $70 million Michael Douglas starrer has a domestic cume so far of $43.7 million, and looks like it will finish with less than $60 million.

Screen Gems' Easy A finishes eighth. The high school comedy, now in its fourth weekend, earned $4.2 million and dropped 38%. The $8 million Emma Stone flick how now earned six times its production budget, as it sits with $48.1 million.

Ninth goes to Case 39, which finishes the weekend with $2.6 million, down 51% from last weekend's $5.4 million debut. You Again, the lame comedy starring Kristen Bell, found only $2.5 million as it dropped a pretty heavy 57% from last weekend. Its domestic total is $20.7 million.

Overall, this weekend the box office was quite soft. A year ago, Couples Retreat opened to $34.3 million and led the top 12 to $95.6 million. This year, with no $20 million opener, let alone a $30 million opener, the box office struggled, turning in a top 12 worth $81.4 million. This could open the door for a big weekend in the next frame. Jackass 3D opens for Paramount, and with openings for the previous films coming in at $22.7 and $29 million, the 3D price increase could propel this one over $30 million. Also opening is Red with Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, and Helen Mirren, which has seen some decent reviews so far.

Top Weekend Box Office for 10/8/10-10/10/10 (Actuals)
Rank Film Distributor Estimated Gross Actual Gross Weekly Change Running Total
1 The Social Network SONY $15,500,000 $15,451,991 New $46,021,161
2 Life as We Know It Warner Bros. Pictures $14,635,000 $14,506,464 New $14,506,464
3 Secretariat Walt Disney Pictures $12,600,000 $12,694,770 New $12,694,770
4 Legend of the Guardians: the Owls of Ga'hoole WARNER BROS. $7,015,000 $6,888,019 New $39,273,984
5 My Soul to Take Universal $6,918,680 $6,842,220 New $6,842,220
6 The Town Warner Bros. Pictures $6,350,000 $6,411,008 - 34.2% $73,847,527
7 Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Fox $4,625,000 $4,603,123 New $43,644,701
8 Easy A SONY $4,200,000 $4,289,418 New $48,289,418
9 Case 39 Paramount $2,630,000 $2,680,305 - 49.9% $9,650,005
10 You Again Walt Disney Pictures $2,474,000 $2,512,782 - 56.1% $20,769,995
11 Let Me In Overture Films $2,400,000 $2,447,618 - 52.5% $9,171,419
12 It's Kind of a Funny Story Focus Features $2,011,982 $2,013,406 New $2,013,406
  Also Opening/Notables
  Stone $73,000 $75,766 New $75,766
  Nowhere Boy $56,065 $52,749 New $52,749
  Inside Job Sony Classics $42,017 $42,017 New $42,017
  I Spit On Your Grave Anchor Bay $33,000 $32,064 New $32,064
  Tamara Drewe Sony Pictures Classics $19,282 $19,282 New $19,282
  Ghettophysics Samuel Goldwyn $10,229 $10,087 New $10,087
  Budrus Balcony N/A $7,819 New $7,819
  Jim Area23a N/A $7,809 New $7,809
  As Good as Dead $2,093 $1,494 New $1,494
  You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger Sony Classics $282,064 $282,064 New $872,737
  Waiting For 'Superman' Paramount Vantage $635,000 $630,863 New $1,405,814
  Buried Lionsgate $200,000 $221,694 New $511,038
  Devil Universal $1,773,660 $1,809,695 - 49.2% $30,046,530
  Alpha & Omega Lionsgate $1,500,000 $1,500,390 New $21,018,064
  Catfish Universal $373,659 $393,359 New $2,236,110
  Never Let Me Go Fox Searchlight $350,000 $345,741 New $1,149,704
  Jack Goes Boating Overture Films $56,000 $56,215 New $372,305
  Resident Evil: Afterlife Screen Gems (Sony) $1,250,000 $1,225,120 - 56.0% $58,866,846
  Inception Warner Bros. Pictures $510,000 $492,311 - 45.6% $289,183,607
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Box office data supplied by Exhibitor Relations
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