Survivor: Nicaragua Recap

Pulling the Trigger

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 7, 2010

Ask me about my cup size!

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No…we head back on over to Espada, where the group is grabbing sea urchins to eat for dinner. Jill notes that there’s not much to them, but they have to eat something. Marty is sitting by the beach eating something, and Jimmy T. calls him out for not being a team player (which is correct). Marty is all about Marty. Nonetheless, Jimmy T. is annoying enough when he does this that it’s just another nail in his coffin.

While Jane thinks that Dan should be voted out, and Holly listens to without committing, Marty is gunning for Jimmy T. (of course). He knows Dan is weak but he’s an integral part of their alliance, so he tells Jill it can’t be the old dude who sits out every challenge with his bum knees. Tyrone agrees with us, but Marty tries to talk him into the notion that Jimmy T. is a team cancer.

“I’m not saying I would’ve done anything different, but I could have won [the challenge] today. I’d just like the opportunity. The question is why aren’t I getting the chance?”

Because you have 40C boobs, Marty. There, we said it.

If Eve was on the fence about who to vote off, the one thing Jimmy T. should not have done was talk to her. We don’t want to say he’s bumbling all over himself, but Tina Fey is warming up her impression of her.


Remember Wendy? We miss her.

“I’m easy to get along with, I think.” –Jimmy T.

To use the wisdom of Bull Durham, the world is made for people who aren’t cursed with self-awareness.

At Tribal Council Jimmy T. may redeem himself a tiny bit when the group tells him they will not make him a leader and that they expect him to be a follower instead. He tearfully accepts this statement, and says that he will do what he can to be valuable to the team, regardless of how they see his role.

It’s too little, too late, though. There is no suspense on this vote, and Jimmy T. is the second consecutive Jimmy to be eliminated from Survivor.

Stating the obvious, voting off Jimmy Johnson last week was a mistake. The tribe should have told Jimmy T. to shut up, voted off Dan, and then this week they would have at least had the advantage of Jimmy Johnson’s leadership ability and fishing at this point.

The good news for tonight is that the episode was largely NaOnka-free. Next week promises that we’ll see her sensitive side, but even more importantly, a shakeup is in the offing as the preview shows Probst telling the contestants to drop their buffs. The format as it stands right now is failing, so the producers are forcing their hand. Maybe we’ll get that NaOnka/Marty alliance a little sooner than we thought.

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