Survivor: Nicaragua Recap

Pulling the Trigger

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 7, 2010

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On the plus side, with Survivor giving us the Jimmy T. show, we haven’t had to see NaOnka at all so far.

Oh, wait. Never mind. She’s the first person to really talk from La Flor, but fortunately she’s not spouting off hateful things. On the other hand, she did just find the hidden Immunity Idol. Do you know what everyone wants to hear? That NaOnka’s position has been strengthened. Brenda deciphers the clue and the two of them go off searching together, and they actually land in the correct spot.

What does NaOnka think about this lovely turn of events?

“The Immunity Idol is mine. It’s mine. It’s mine. It doesn’t belong to anyone else. Brenda helped me, but ultimately, I figured it out, and it’s mine.”

We propose a merge alliance between NaOnka and Marty. It will be called the “Mine, mine, mine, all mine” alliance.

NaOnka then tries to bully Alina and Kelly B. as they try to find the idol themselves. Her behavior is tantamount to taunting them, but they’re not intimidated by her, which is nice to see. Needless to say, she’s pissed when they stand up to her, but we’re not really sure what she’s trying to accomplish here. Does she think they’ll just walk off the island? Kelly B. calls her a psycho, and we can’t even imagine that editing alone can make a person look this bad.


Back over Espada, Marty is trying to be the leader without being the leader. He suggests that Tyrone should take over where Jimmy Johnson had failed (in their estimation). Tyrone looks at Marty like he is a special kind of crazy. I could be worse, Tyrone. You could be over on the other side of the island.

Of course, Jimmy T. is pissed off that Marty passed him over for consideration. Jimmy claims that he was the one who got the last guy eliminated, so by Lord of the Flies rules, he should be the one to take control. He calls Marty a “preppy little bitch” (not to his face of course), and we’re starting to feel like we’ve got a bit of a jocks (Jimmy T.) versus nerds (Marty) mentality going on here. We’ve got Jimmy T., the champion rower versus Marty, the Silicon Valley exec, there are two distinct Type A personalities going at it.

This Survivor cast is seriously awful. Will this group be able to rise above the mediocrity they’ve portrayed so far?

With tree mail comes a clue that the next challenge will involve blindfolds, so Jill suggests that Espada practice. Several minutes later, Jimmy T. suggests that the tribe practice. You heard us.

So, the tribe decides that Jimmy T.’s (Jill’s) plan is a good one, and Tyrone begins to organize them and call out directions to teammates wearing blindfolds. After they’ve finished, Jimmy T. takes an opportunity to talk about all the things they should do in the challenge.

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