Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

By BOP Staff

September 28, 2010

Who dat?

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Max Braden: Of the new shows I was most looking forward to the tension inherent in Lone Star's setup, but it actually turned out to be fairly boring. I doubt I would have kept watching it even if ratings had kept it viable. Thirty seconds of The Event during other commercial breaks and I knew that was all I wanted to see. And about the only reason I'll leave the TV on NBC at 9:30 on Thursdays is because Outsourced has a girl with an Australian accent, and it's not time to switch to The Mentalist yet.

On the up side, both Raising Hope and Running Wilde were a bit funnier than I expected. Raising Hope should appeal to people who liked My Name Is Earl. I was also found Hawaii Five-0 satisfactory, primarily because of Scott Caan. But in that hour my first choice is Castle. I overlooked Undercovers while watching Survivor, but based on positive reaction, I might check it out this week.

Overall, there's plenty of TV that will keep my attention. My current weekly lineup will be (with DVR assistance): How I Met Your Mother, House, Castle, Hawaii Five-0, Glee, Raising Hope, Running Wilde, Parenthood, Survivor, Modern Family, Cougar Town, The Defenders if I'm idle, Community, 30 Rock, The Office, The Mentalist, Human Target when it returns, The Amazing Race, Fox animation if I'm idle, and Mad Men. By total hours, that puts Fox and CBS about even for my most watched channels and ABC as the least.

Reagen Sulewski: I'm still woefully behind on the pilots I wanted to check out, but Running Wilde reminds me of Andy Richter's failed shows - brilliant in each second and too weird to last long. I can't decide if the "here's the line where we're setting up the main conflict of the series" exchange at the end was clunky or wonderfully self-referential. Maybe both.


Jim Van Nest: I only tried out a few knew shows (with No Ordinary Family to come this week) and so far I'm on board with The Event and Raising Hope. Outsourced had its moments, but I'm not sold yet.

I've stuck mainly with returning shows. House, Glee, Bones and CSI (surprisingly) came back strong. The Good Guys was as funny as ever (why aren't people watching this?!?!?!) and Dexter was phenomenal last night.

Although, my favoritest new show (though it's not brand new) is The Big C on Showtime with Laura Linney. If you're not watching this, shame on you. If you don't have Showtime, keep it on your radar. Very well written, well acted series. It's really amazing how you can be laughing with her while you want to cry for her. Linney is as good as she's ever been.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the return of Survivor. While there's no Russell this time around (Thank God) there are plenty of despicable people to fill his shoes (with sand?) this season. Hopefully someone will stand out on the good side of the equation soon.

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