Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

By BOP Staff

September 28, 2010

Who dat?

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David Mumpower: I'd been joking for a while that Kristen Bell was Disney's female equivalent of The Rock and that it seemed inevitable that the two of them do a movie together at some point. Oddly, The Rock's stupid comedies perform better than they have any right to do (did you know that The Tooth Fairy earned $60 million?), while When in Rome and You Again in combination won't reach that level. I think it's fair to say that Kristen Bell is in serious danger of missing her window as a lead actress. She's been in two blue chip projects with Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Couples Retreat; everything else has been...gruesome.

Farewell, Lone Star. We hardly knew you.

Kim Hollis: We discussed your most anticipated new TV shows last week. What are thoughts and impressions so far (yes, you can talk about Survivor and Top Chef: Just Desserts if so inclined)?

Josh Spiegel: We're only a week into the new season, and there's too much to watch. I still think cable is beating network TV in its development in every respect. Sons of Anarchy and Terriers on FX, Mad Men and Rubicon on AMC, Boardwalk Empire and Bored to Death on HBO. All of these make any new network show pale in comparison. The irony is that the best new network show, Lone Star, is getting ratings that would be great on cable and are embarrassing everywhere else. Lone Star was great, but it's going to be dead by this time next weekend. The other new shows - Undercovers, Running Wilde, Raising Hope, My Generation - I've seen range from horrendous to promising. Only Lone Star and Boardwalk Empire are the most exciting new programs, and only one will return for a second season.


Bruce Hall: Sons of Anarachy is spinning its wheels right now, but it remains more interesting than the majority of what is on the traditional networks.

Mad Men remains sublime. If I ever end up in a permanent coma just put that show on an endless loop in my hospital room and I assure you I will be fine.

That new Shatner comedy whose title I am too lazy to reproduce completely wastes the genius of the original concept and manages to turn something fresh and original into something stale and forgettable. Then again, this means that show about the Cavemen is no longer the biggest head scratching "Fail" of the past few years. Running Wilde makes me think that as much as I love Will Arnett, he may be best suited to a supporting role. 30 minutes of Gob Bluth gets tiring fast. Terriers is getting great buzz and continues to interest me, Boardwalk Empire opened boffo, but let's see more before we crown it.

All of my television is watched online so I have managed to avoid all the new cop/hospital dramas. This is because unlike most people, being well into three decades on this planet I am pretty much over cop/hospital dramas. If I am missing anything, please let me know, as part of my rationale for giving up the Tube is that I no longer have to pay for anything I don't want to see.

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