Top Chef Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

August 16, 2010

He is a sad panda.

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Previously on Top Chef, the winner of The Next Food Network Star was announced! Congratulations Aarti…wait, is Aarti on Top Chef this year? She’s probably a better chef than any of the contestants this season.

Anyway, Stephen was voted out and Tiffany dominated. Thank goodness someone is stepping up, because this season is hugely disappointing with regard to chef quality.

As this week’s episode begins, Kenny tells us that he needs to unleash the beast. Let’s be honest. He needs to do this, because the first half of the season has been crafted as a huge feud between him and Angelo, but he’s finished on the bottom three times, in the middle three times and on the top only twice, winning once. He’s like a #1 draft pick whose status is yet to match his lofty draft position. It’s time to show us something.

Today’s Quickfire is a tag team cook-off, and everyone sees the winning team as the one that doesn’t get stuck with Alex. The winning team does split $10,000, but immunity is off the table. The chefs draw knives and only two people get to be team captains. Kevin and Ed get to choose teams, and Kevin starts things off with Kenny. Ed goes with his crush, Tiffany, much to the frustration of Angelo, who cannot believe two chefs are picked ahead of him. He gets another blow to his ego when Kevin next takes Kelly. At this point, Ed points to Angelo and says, “Hey, I nailed your girlfriend…er, wait you’re on my team.” If you’re like us, this never gets old.


That means Kevin takes Amanda, and Alex is chosen last. Alex tries to rationalize it, but he should know that no one respects him at this point. He really is the worst chef still remaining…by far.

His team knows it, too, because they try to put him where he will do the least damage in the Quickfire challenge. Nonetheless, he seasons the team’s fish far too early and for no apparent reason. It’s only when someone else points it out to him that he realizes he shouldn’t have done it. We’re not sure who would win in a cook-off between Alex and last season’s Robin, but we’re relatively certain the food would be inedible.

Over on the other side, Kevin and friends are putting their dish together like a well-oiled machine. They seem to instinctively know which direction to take. Kelly looks at the station, reads the whole story, and takes control by finishing the sautéed shrimp over angel hair pasta.

This week’s guest judge is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who claims to be a foodie and does seem to know her stuff. She tastes the dish of Kevin’s team, and gives the dish high compliments, saying it reminds her of her home in San Francisco, particularly because of all the fresh elements.

She gives the roasted red snapper of Ed’s team a go, and says it’s wholesome and delicious, but salty. Although she politely claims that it’s a tough decision, Kevin’s team takes home the win and $10,000. “Freaking Alex,” says Tiffany.

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