The Amazing Race Recap

Huger than Huge

By Daron Aldridge

May 11, 2010

I hope the paint poisoned them and they're slowly dying in a painful way. Yes, I liked the cowboys.

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Huger than huge. – Dan on sweet-talking themselves into empty seats in first class to get off the plane first.

We finally have our final three and honestly, we have one team I would love to win, one team I would loathe to win and one team that I couldn’t care less about win or lose. If you have read my recaps, then it wouldn’t be a surprise that those teams are Jet and Cord, Brent and Caite, and Dan and Jordan, respectively.

Phil recaps how well each of these three teams have run the race: Cowboys Jet and Cord kept their cool and stayed positive with one another the entire way, brothers Dan and Jordan were only on the show so Dan could give Jordan his “lifelong dream” of running the Amazing Race, and Brent and Caite essentially stumbled and bumbled their way to the finals with a hatred for another team they had a hand in eliminating. Programming note: It is refreshing that the producers have chosen the last two seasons to only let the finale be an hour, instead of the American Idol art of padding shows.

As we start the final leg, we are reminded that Team South Carolina finished first last leg and gets to leave at 2:37 a.m. And what is the final destination city for The Amazing Race season 16? San Francisco, which is a nice choice because there will be plenty of landmarks to choose from for tasks.

Leaving about 30 minutes later, Jet and Cord rip open their clue. Both Brent and Jet express happiness to finally be coming home to the States. Since they are at the airport several hours before tickets are on sale, both teams take a spot in line and catch some rest.


It’s 6 a.m., and Dan and Jordan leave the pitstop. Of course, Jordan reminds us of his sexual orientation with a “San Francisco is a very gay-friendly place. That’s good for me.” Well, the brothers show up and for a team that has been fairly bland and not making much of an impression on me one way or another, they pull a move that, in my opinion, was not only sneaky but wholly unnecessary. When the brothers arrived, Cord was clearly in line lying on the ground but Jordan took it upon himself to place his backpack between Cord and South Carolina. The fact that Jordan is shown intentionally dropping his bag and then walking away says to me that he knew that he was playing dirty and didn’t want to call attention to it.

This leads to the first time in 12 episodes that Jet and Cord have a conflict with anyone. They call him out on it and he responds with mock-surprised mumbling, “Oh yeah, I am standing right behind them.” Jet calmly points out to Dan, “You guys got here six hours after us and Jordan is going to try to check in before us.” Jordan then tries to rationalize that he put his pack right behind theirs and gestures to another place that the cowboys supposedly had theirs. Since Dan compared this final leg to the Super Bowl, let’s go to the replay. Okay, the brothers arrive. There’s Brent and Caite at the front and a semi-sleeping Cord behind them. What’s he using for a pillow? His BACKPACK. So Jordan’s backpack as placeholder argument isn’t valid.

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