The Amazing Race Recap

Huger than Huge

By Daron Aldridge

May 11, 2010

I hope the paint poisoned them and they're slowly dying in a painful way. Yes, I liked the cowboys.

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Jet and Cord breeze past them and get their clue/riddle, while Dan and Jordan get the answer from a cyclist. In an airport decision that was second to the brothers’ first class upgrade, Jet and Cord recognize the description from a book about San Francisco they purchased in Shanghai.

Brent and Caite are so frustrated that Caite calls the driver a “dumb ass” within earshot of him. Can we call it being an Ugly American if you are in America? It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that Team South Carolina stays lost and in last place - that’s all that matters to me, at least.

Dan and Jordan get to Coit Tower first and face the final Roadblock of using a vertical ascender to go to the top of the tower to get the clue. Dan is nearly at the top when Jet and Cord arrive. Cord is getting geared up as Dan hits the ground with his clue. The teams now have to find a Yoda Fountain, which is located at George Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic.

Brent and Caite get their clue and decide to ask a hotel front desk to help answer the riddle as opposed to the cabbie they just spent the last 30 minutes yelling at and insulting. Off to Coit Tower they go.

The brothers roll up on the Yoda Foundation which is flanked by Stormtroopers and Vader. The task isn’t the normal Detour but rather a task that requires one member direct the other one, who is wearing a motion capture suit, through a virtual world to find the clue. For this one, Dan is directing and Jordan is in the virtual world. Cord finishes the Roadblock before Caite and Brent arrive.


I guess everyone in San Francisco knows where George Lucas works because Cord and Jet show up without any delay. As Cord sits down behind the terminal, he can hear Dan’s instructions of “walk forward” and “turn right”. Knowing that it wasn't messing anything up for Jet, who was getting suited up, Cord decides to play a little mindgame by throwing out ridiculous fake directions, like “you need to do four 90 degree turns,” “sashay,” and “back up,” so loudly that Jordan can even hear him through Dan’s headset. Other than a few moments of frustration for Dan, it didn’t really hinder them but it was funny.

Jordan reaches the goal that is on level 2 of the task as Jet is still on level 1. Unfortunately, the clue is swirling text that Dan can’t read and they have to figure out how to either slow it down or follow it. And there's another “unfortunately” for Jet, who is blocked from continuing on because Jordan is just standing there waiting for Dan to get the clue. It is very reminiscent of the airport standoff in Shanghai but with less tension, at least between Jet and Jordan. In the director’s chairs, Cord is yelling to Dan to direct Jordan out of the way and Dan responds with something that is pixilation-worthy. This is the most dramatic and lifelike performance to come from Lucasfilm in over ten years.

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