Trailer Hitch Part II

By BOP Staff

April 29, 2010

I...don't know how that site wound up on my computer. What type of content does empornium provide?

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Killers -- Released on June 4, 2010

David Mumpower: Part of the clip alongside the trailer feels like the world's strangest Maalox commercial.

Josh Spiegel: As I watch anything Katherine Heigl's in now, I always assume that, because she's known for being highly critical of the TV show and movie that helped her get huge (Grey's Anatomy and Knocked Up, a movie that, while not solely her film, helped her film salary go skyward), she's choosing her projects with a very critical eye. So I'm absolutely sure that Killers is a highbrow film that isn't in any way sexist or provides weak material to Heigl. Right?

Seriously, this looks terrible. There are certainly similarities to Knight and Day (I'm not sure if they were pointed out here or elsewhere, but I've seen the comparison), but here we not only have to buy Ashton Kutcher as an assassin, but Rob Riggle. While Riggle's got the muscular body, he's know, scary. I'll gladly skip this one.

David Mumpower: I see the film as Mr. & Mrs. Smith as a pure comedy. The other notion I cannot shake is that someone watched Mission: Impossible III and loved the ending of that film wherein Cruise was disabled and Michelle Monaghan had to defend him rather than vice versa. In fact, their final discussion as the credits started to roll might as well be the summation of what The Killers intends to be. A derivative Katherine Heigl film. What a shock.


My hope here is that I will be pleasantly surprised by this just as I have been by three prior Ashton Kutcher films, Just Married, Guess Who and What Happens in Vegas. I thought all three of those titles looked weak from the ads yet I wound up enjoying each one. What Happens in Vegas might be the most direct comparison for me because while I am generally inclined to like Ashton Kutcher (my wife and I always watched That 70s Show despite the show creator's feud with our beloved Judd Apatow), Cameron Diaz bugs me. And I like her night and day more than Heigl, who redefines spoiled brat. So, this project is one I should hate and her character carrying around the jar of Maalox is a baffling inclusion yet I still think this is a $75 million winner with an outside shot at $100 million.

Sex and the City 2 -- Released on May 27, 2010

David Mumpower: Please let this be another Miss Congeniality 2. Please.
Josh Spiegel: David, do you mean that because you assume that this movie will be as terrible as Miss Congeniality 2 was? Because that movie was....well, granted, I'm not the target audience for that movie or this one, but that was an awful movie. I sat through the first Sex and the City, and at times, I dearly wished that I could just completely shut down my brain. This thanks. I'm sure it'll make a boatload of cash, but I'll skip out; bad news, perhaps, for my wife, who'd be stuck seeing it with her mom, but good news for me and my taxed brain.

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