The Amazing Race Recap

I feel like I’m in, like, Sicily

By Daron Aldridge

April 27, 2010

Hey! Shanghai is totally ripping off the Sunsphere!

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“I feel like I’m in, like, Sicily,” – Brent showing off his geography skills

Last week on the Amazing Race, we all lost out to the CMAs, which pre-empted our favorite reality show. So, looking back at two weeks ago, we were finally treated to the elimination of Brandy and Carol at the hands of South Carolina’s Brent and Caite. This elimination leaves Caite as the last racer with an XX chromosome. We’ll see how long she lasts now that she is no longer fueled by sheer hatred of the lesbians.

Brothers Dan and Jordan won the Fast Forward and easily sailed into first place, which means they get to leave first from Singapore, Thailand at 4:47 p.m. The guys explain that they have gotten along surprisingly well, or as Dan points out, “I hate him just as much now as I did before [the race.]” That is one awkwardly positive sentiment but I think I get his point…maybe.

The teams have to grab a cab for the airport and head to Shanghai, China. Once there, they have to take another cab to town of Zhujiajiao or the Venice of China thanks to its streets of water.

The masterful U-Turn artists Brent and Caite are still reveling in their successful ouster of Brandy and Carol and Caite continues to set back the role of women as expected of someone who gained notoriety in beauty pageants. She is basking in her “accomplishment” of being the last woman. It just seems like a very odd thing to be so proud of, which I read as, “I am best woman on this race but still am probably not as good as these other six men.” She might as well quote Malibu Stacy and say, “Math is hard.”

Anyway, Dan and Jordan are at the airport and discover that the airline with the next flight to Shanghai doesn’t even open until 11 p.m. Consider the playing field leveled once again. So much for that hour and a half lead the brothers had on South Carolina.


Cowboys Jet and Cord leave in third about 20 minutes after Brent and Caite and for the first time we get a bit of glimpse at the personal lives of these fellows. Jet (the one with brown hair if you don’t have them figured out at this point) has a wife and 18-month baby at home and Cord (obviously the red-headed one with an apparent inability to blink) just got engaged right before the race started. It is strange to hear about either of these facts this late in the race for these brothers, whose identities have been only been associated with their profession.

Team Super Fuzz of Michael and Louie is the last to leave and they show up at the airport at the same time as Jet and Cord.

The next social exchange while the teams wait at the airport gives us a glimpse into the hand of the producers adjusting the race to fit the flight schedules of these airlines. While Phil usually informs the audience that the teams have a mandatory 12-hour rest period, that is clearly not the case every time. With all the teams converging on the Singapore airport McDonalds, the brothers find out that Brandy and Carol were U-Turned and thus, eliminated. Caite gleefully (and with some serious crazy eyes) tells everyone about how she did in the lesbians. This is brand new information to the other teams, so there was obviously not a 12-hour layover with Phil.

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