Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

Going Down in Flames

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 23, 2010

I can't believe he didn't like my letter!

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Previously on Survivor, JT lost his damn mind. You know when an episode is called "Survivor History" that someone is going to do something stupid. JT did not disappoint. He inexplicably gave a hidden immunity idol to a member of the opposing team's power alliance. The end result is that we're expecting a merge tonight and the Heroes have just basted themselves with barbecue sauce and jumped on the Villains' grill. We have always considered JT to be one of the best Survivor winners in the history of the show, yet his decision last week is one that even Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel would realize is a bad idea. We're expecting Amanda to flip on him by joining forces with Amanda and for JT to be eliminated tonight. Frankly, he deserves that fate.

In a perfect demonstration of "be careful what you wish for," master strategist Rupert is hopeful that when they next see the Villains, they will be comprised of Evil Loser Russell and four girls. Almost immediately afterward, it is revealed that the Villains will be arriving at the Heroes camp for the expected merge. The Heroes will get their "good news" that ELR is still in the competition. They'll also receive the less good news that Parvati is still there and that they *might* have miscalculated.

Speaking of stupid, Evil Loser Russell takes this time to brag about how he possesses the only hidden immunity idol. Note: He's not correct.

To punctuate this point, Parvati reminds us that she also has a hidden immunity idol - one that she's chosen not to tell Russell about. It at this point that she begins to show all of the telltale signs of getting too overconfident. She refers to herself as "the queen," Russell as "the king" and, tellingly, Danielle as her "lady-in-waiting." Parvati, it's okay when we do this. When you do it, it's egomaniacal and creepy. Though on the plus side, it's clear that Parvati is planning some regicide.


When the Villains arrive, JT quickly surmises that the only possible explanation for Parvati's presence is that she and Russell must have both played an idol during Tribal Council. After all, JT totally wrote Evil Loser Russell a letter and stuff! The instructions were explicit! "It's a known fact," JT says.

The two groups come together and a lot of fun and chatter is had by all...except Parvati. Her feelings are hurt by the fact that the Heroes want her gone and she's feeling out of place amidst all the celebration. She declares that her plan is to pick off the Heroes one by one. This is a human reaction, but we're a little confused. The nature of the game is to eliminate the strongest players, and she should be flattered that they consider her to be in this category.

With regard to gameplay strategy, a couple of thoughts have come to mind. For Evil Loser Russell, the more we hear the Heroes do all the heavy lifting for him, the more we think it might be in Russell's best interest to betray his previous alliance and jump onboard with this group. After all, the Heroes don't know him the way the Villains know him. And let's be honest, the remaining Heroes have proven themselves to be quite gullible. We don't necessarily think much of ELR's skills, but amongst Colby, JT, Amanda and Rupert, they start to look a lot better. It's a pearls before swine scenario.

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