Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

Going Down in Flames

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 23, 2010

I can't believe he didn't like my letter!

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Likewise, it also occurs to us that perhaps this highly touted women's alliance that everyone is so sure about might just have a chance at becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. Since we know already that Parvati (and by extension, everyone else) distrusts Evil Loser Russell, there's no real reason for her to stick with her alliance with him, either. With the merge, the women outnumber the men 6-4, and it's not like Colby and Rupert are showing any ability to strategize or go any distance in this game.

What we're saying is that we think Evil Loser Russell and Parvati are about to file for Survivor Divorce.

"I told you. He's a good old country boy." --JT, evaluating Russell's sincerity.

We're starting to look at JT the same way Star Wars fans look at the prequels.

Sandra takes the opportunity to drop the bomb on Rupert that everything he thought about Survivor this season is dead wrong. She informs him that the women are not in fact running the show, and that Evil Loser Russell is actually the kingpin in charge of the villains. We wonder briefly if Rupert will take her at her word, but Sandra's reputation as a straight shooter works to her advantage here. Sure, she's a villain, but she's not a dishonest one. Instead, she's blunt to a fault, which is why we argued she really belongs on the Heroes tribe.


What does this mean? Basically, Sandra has blown Rupert's mind. He's realized that the Heroes have been played and that Evil Loser Russell is, in fact, evil. Maybe that's why he's on the Villains' tribe!

If the Heroes were sheriffs, the crime rate in their town would be 100%.

They prove this to us when Rupert approaches his alliance to discuss the possibility that Evil Loser Russell might, in fact, be evil. Maybe that's why he's on the Villains' tribe! JT and Amanda effectively tell Rupert that he shouldn't hurt himself by thinking. That's what their big brains are for.

JT has an extended confessional, but we're not going to describe it because it's awfully hard to watch. Michael Scott has never done anything this embarrassing in his worst moment at Dunder Mifflin (or Sabre).

At this point, the segment we've been waiting for all season unfolds. We've said all along that we thought Parvati and Amanda would work together as soon as there was a merge. And hey, guess what? The two of them find a moment alone in the woods to find out if this can be the case. Neither one fully trusts the other, but they realize that they are in a great position to team up once more. This is horrible news for the Heroes, who need every vote they can get, and will find themselves one short when it matters. The upshot of the discussion is that Amanda will reveal to Parvati who the Heroes plan to vote for, while Parvati tells Amanda that she has an idol.

Finally, a half hour into the episode, we have our first Probst sighting of the evening. The new joint tribe announces that they have selected the name of Yin Yang. Evil Loser Russell thinks it means "good and evil." He is, of course, wrong.

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