The Amazing Race Recap

You're Like Jason Bourne, Right?

By Daron Aldridge

April 6, 2010

The Phillies won the World Series with him and lost it without him. I'm just saying.

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Team South Carolina has fallen from second place to fourth place, with Caite getting physical with the coconuts. Jet and Cord cruise into the pitstop and Phil happily tells them that not only are they team number one but also the first team EVER to go from last place in a non-elimination leg to first place even with having to complete a Speed Bump. The boys have turned their frowns from the last leg upside down. The smiles are deserved with the two of them running an effective leg this episode.

Dan and Jordan are lighting their incense and Steve and Allie are trailing significantly but still keeping positive and supportive with each other, which is always nice to see on the race.

Carol and Louie finish the Roadblock and head to Phil. Not terribly far behind is Caite, who for some unknown reason gets some Chariots of Fire-esque music accompanying her bringing the offering to the sea. May be the headband is disorienting the editors too.

Carol and Brandy are team number two and Michael and Louie are team number three. Cabbie blues still afflict the brothers and Steve and Allie, with the former team's driver stopping for gas on the way to the Roadblock and the latter team's having difficulty reaching his destination when he hasn't an inkling of where to go.

The brothers arrive at the Roadblock first, which isn't surprising, and Jordan finds the coconut. After mistakenly just taking the coconut alone as the offering, he reads the clue again and builds it correctly. Allie steps up to let out her frustration on the coconuts and starts smashing.

Brent and Caite meet up with Phil as team number four and clearly are disappointed in that showing. For once, I don't blame them for this misfortune. This was entirely a cab-plagued leg for many teams.

Despite the attempts at manufactured suspense, we know that Dan and Jordan are number five and Steve and Allie are last. Sadly, the father and daughter are eliminated from the race only one leg after their backpacks are eliminated.


With the start of the MLB season happening on another channel, it's eerie that Phillies coach Steve is eliminated from the race on the same day. He does offer probably the highest compliment possible to Allie by saying that running the race with her has surpassed even being part of a World Series winning team.

I am sorry to see a nice team leave, especially when there are some not-so-nice teams (South Carolina and lesbians) still in contention, which brings us to next week, when said teams unleash the contempt for one another for the entire world to see. I can't wait to see what petty and overblown situation leads to this conflict.

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