The Amazing Race Recap

You're Like Jason Bourne, Right?

By Daron Aldridge

April 6, 2010

The Phillies won the World Series with him and lost it without him. I'm just saying.

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Cut back to the temple and the challenge has turned into an anti-smoking PSA with Louie clearly hacking up a lung thanks to years of smoking. I hope it's a result of smoking because if not, Louie really needs to see a pulmonologist at the end of the race. Michael has effectively caught them up with the others.

Jet and Cord strike out on the first attempt with the guru but judging by the rousing western soundtrack, they get it right on try number two. Once they get back to the Roadblock, the cowboys will be back on the same path as the others.

Where in Malaysia are Steve and Allie and Dan and Jordan? Based on the scenery, the answer is nowhere near the Buddhist temple. In fact, they have all four effectively jogged to the wrong temple. At least for Steve and Allie's sake their cab is waiting for them, but the driver hasn't a clue where he is going. Dad and daughter change tasks because the driver says he knows where the other one is. The brothers are not as lucky, as they have to flag a cab down.

Jet and Cord get back to the Roadblock and are in disbelief the others still haven't shown up. Jet comes forward to the do the Roadblock, which requires him to smash through a pile of coconuts to find one that is brightly colored inside. Then, he has to use the coconut and some floral decorations to make a good luck offering that is sent to sea. Jet gets to cracking.

As Dan and Jordan arrive, Brent and Caite finish their Detour first but their cabbie is not instilling much confidence in them as he waffles back and forth with "I know" and "I don't know" how to get to the Roadblock. Brandy and Carol aren't far behind.

Steve and Allie show up finally to at least one of the tasks but quickly bail on the balancing act without giving it much effort. At this point, with them switching back to the other task, Steve and Allie are securely in last place. Short of a team passing out due to heat exhaustion, the writing is on the wall for them.


Jet finds one of the marked coconuts and begins arts and crafts time. South Carolina's navigationally challenged cabbie takes them to a house and not the temple they need. As Michael said earlier in this leg, "one bad cab can cost you a million dollars." This is such a true statement. You can ace all the tasks but if you get the worst taxi driver this side of Travis Bickle, then you are doomed.

The cowboys are off to the pitstop with whole lot of hustle. Carol and Brandy show up at the Roadblock just in time to see the cowboys peel out onto the road. Carol gets through smashing the coconuts fairly quickly and starts to build her offering. Louie, on the other hand, gets lucky and finds one of the right coconuts on his second throw.

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