Weekend Wrap-Up

Titans Slay April Records

By John Hamann

April 4, 2010

His star is shining so bright, it's blinding him.

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Fourth spot goes to Miley Cyrus and The Last Song, which is another manipulative weeper from Nicolas Sparks, who these days seems to have enough output to movies to rival Stephen King. Speaking of horror movies, The Last Song opened to $16.2 million over the Friday-to-Sunday portion of the weekend, and $25.6 million since opening on Wednesday. It isn't a lot better than Britney Spears first film, Crossroads, which opened to $17 million over four days in February 2002. The Last Song was critically reviled, earning only nine positive reviews out of a possible 75, giving it a laughable 12% fresh rating. Critics said that this was as much Sparks' fault as Miley's, so it might not be a career killer a la Brittney Spears. Expect The Last Song to drop 60% next weekend.

Alice in Wonderland manages a fifth place finish despite being the third 3D film in the top five. Now in its fifth weekend, and completely surrounded by competition, Alice earned $8.3 million and dropped an expected 53%. The Tim Burton film crossed the $300 million mark on Thursday, its 28th day of release, which surprisingly matches Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Alice has earned more overseas than it has domestically, so the $200 million Disney effort is paying off handsomely. Alice now has a domestic running total of $310 million.

Hot Tub Time Machine finished sixth after opening in third last weekend with $14 million. This weekend, the John Cusack film dropped 43%, and took in $8 million. I think we all expected this $36 million MGM title to fare better, but at least it kept the drop better than 50%. Hot Tub Time Machine now has a total of $27.8 million.


The Bounty Hunter finishes seventh, and thankfully we are almost done with this title. Bounty Hunter earned $6.2 million and was off 48% compared to last weekend. As a side note, a director to avoid in the future might be Andy Tennant, as he has back to back dogs in Fool's Gold (10% fresh at RT) and The Bounty Hunter (8% fresh). Unfortunately, The Bounty Hunter will make money for Sony, as it's earned $49 million so far against a budget of $40 million.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid limps into eighth spot. After a 54% plunge against the opening of How To Train Your Dragon, Wimpy Kid does a little better this weekend, earning $5.5 million and dropping 45%. This $15 million film has now earned $46.2 million, which is a great haul so far for such a small film.

Ninth and tenth go to She's Out of My League and Shutter Island. League earned $1.5 million and has a total so far of $28.7 million against a $20 million budget. Shutter Island earned $1.5 million and has a running total of $123.4 million against an $80 million budget. Both films are winners for Paramount.

Overall, the box office is white hot. The top 12 films managed to take in an amazing $174.6 million this weekend, thanks to almost $150 million coming from the top five films alone. A year ago, Fast & Furious dominated the box office, taking in $71 million, and leading the top 12 films last year to $148.9 million. Next weekend's lone opener is Date Night, a comedy with Tina Fey and Steve Carell.

Top Weekend Box Office for 4/2/10-4/4/10 (Actuals)
Rank Film Distributor Estimated Gross Actual Gross Weekly Change Running Total
1 Clash of the Titans Warner Bros. Pictures $61,400,000 $61,235,105 New $63,890,110
2 Why Did i Get Married Too Lionsgate N/A $29,289,537 New $29,289,537
3 How to Train Your Dragon DreamWorks Pictures $29,200,000 $29,010,044 - 33.7% $92,135,916
4 The Last Song WALT DISNEY $16,203,000 $16,007,426 New $25,395,041
5 Alice in Wonderland Walt Disney Pictures $8,267,000 $8,208,060 - 53.6% $309,733,753
6 Hot Tub Time Machine MGM $8,000,000 $8,070,716 - 42.4% $27,910,213
7 The Bounty Hunter Columbia Pictures (Sony) $6,200,000 $6,091,907 - 49.3% $48,853,453
8 Diary of a Wimpy Kid 20th Century Fox $5,525,000 $5,302,369 - 47.6% $46,013,347
9 She's Out of My League Paramount $1,463,000 $1,516,952 - 56.8% $28,712,974
10 Shutter Island Paramount $1,462,000 $1,488,403 - 53.3% $123,440,937
11 Green Zone Universal Pictures $1,217,160 $1,248,395 - 63.1% $33,118,420
12 The Ghost Writer SUMMIT $1,135,000 $1,127,697 New $11,016,593
  Also Opening/Notables
  The Greatest Paladin $37,000 $33,616 New $33,616
  Breaking Upwards IFC Films N/A $15,467 New $15,467
  The Sun Behind the Clouds Balcony N/A $10,884 New $16,074
  The Warlords Magnolia N/A $10,073 New $10,073
  The Thorn In the Heart Oscilloscope $6,135 $5,173 New $5,173
  $583,525 $512,871 - 48.8% $1,797,000
  Greenberg Focus Features $741,939 $725,294 - 29.0% $2,293,918
  Repo Men Universal Pictures $528,165 $576,180 - 80.9% $13,156,255
  Hubble 3d WARNER BROS. $418,000 $436,714 New $1,968,671
  The Runaways Apparition $182,534 $166,417 - 63.4% $1,955,954
  City Island Anchor Bay $143,000 $143,504 New $256,870
  Avatar 20th Century Fox $985,000 $980,239 - 52.1% $742,332,678
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Box office data supplied by Exhibitor Relations
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