The Amazing Race Recap

By Daron Aldridge

March 30, 2010

The Urban Cowboy is not happy with how this episode went.

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Anonymous? – Brent, who gets a look from Phil that channels Inigo Montoya's "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

The Amazing Race lost its cross-programming team last week, when Big Brother's Jeff and Jordan were on the wrong side of Phil's "You're the last team to arrive." Unfortunately, that means my least favorite team is still in it. As my wife pointed out after reading the last recap, "Wow, you REALLY don't like Brent and Caite." She knows me very well but I haven't exactly minced words on how I feel. That's enough about my contempt for them now. I am sure I'll have plenty of time to mock and scoff them in the next hour.

The scenic French countryside is where we pick up and Team Super Fuzz is riding high on three consecutive third place finishes - that is, until they find out that the next destination is the island chain of Seychelles (which all but one team mangles in the pronunciation) 5,000 miles away. Given the islands' remoteness, all six teams will be traveling on the same plane. That's a bummer for the cops but a blessing for the pride of South Carolina, who might be able to move from the back to the middle of the pack.

Once at their island destination, they have to locate a race kiosk and pick a number.

The guys note that it stinks that they will all be on the same flight and Louie says something about them racing smarter but I am distracted by his handlebar mustache and skull cap. It is uncanny how much he looks just like John Travolta in The Taking of Pelham 123.

Even though all the teams are on the same flight, they show each team reading their clue. I suspect it was to illustrate the butchering of the name Seychelles, which I can't fault them for that. Brandy and Carol are stoked about the warmer weather and are the only ones to actually know the destination.

Coach Steve is just enjoying the adrenaline rush of the race and competition but expresses extreme pride in how his little girl is doing in the race. For the most part, excluding South Carolina, the teams have steered clear of the petty arguing the last couple legs. As brothers Dan and Jordan are driving to the airport, Jordan notes the part of the directions about needing to take a number. This prompts them to decide to secure seats near the front of the plane because when picking a number, you never really want to be the last number.


With the teams filtering into the airport, Jet and Cord and the detectives decide that eating is the top priority. As they trot off to the food court (Do they have those in Paris?), the unlikeliest team is the first to reserve seats before checking in. Yes, folks, South Carolina get the seats closest to the front of the plane. This effectively positions them as one of the first three teams to pick a number. With Brent and Caite in lucky row 7, Steve and Allie get row 10 and Dan and Jordan are in row 15. Anyone who has ever sat near the back of even a short domestic flight knows that we are now looking at our frontrunners for this leg. I hope that overpriced airport food was worth it, fellas.

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