Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

Knights of the Round Table

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 12, 2010

President of the I Hate James Non-Fan Club.

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Previously on Survivor, Tom found the Immunity Idol. Not coincidentally, Tom survived Tribal Council. No one was more surprised by this than Cirie, who believed herself to be the architect of a successful strategy to eliminate either Tom or Colby from the game. Her Survivor voting math told her that each of them would garner three votes, while she would wind up with two. She was right about seven out of eight ballots. The surprise Judas was J.T., who brokered a deal with Tom to eliminate a similarly dangerous threat in Cirie, one who was otherwise useless to the tribe. J.T. made exactly the play we would have, but he will face tremendous backlash from those who were surprised by the events of the evening. Our opinion is that if you're not happy that Cirie is gone, you're not much of a Survivor strategist. Her track record speaks for itself.

When the Heroes arrive back at camp, J.T. realizes that he needs to speak up to keep his status with his tribemates intact. He talks about how his vote was all about what was best for the tribe and that if he had known how he was going to vote before Tribal Council, he would have told them. J.T. talks too much, and Rupert, James and Amanda know that he's being disingenuous. (Colby thinks he's a hero, though. Ha ha, get it? He's a Hero!) Rupert makes it very clear that J.T. is no longer deserving of his trust, and this could be a big deal in the long term, because as we know from the most Tribal Council, Rupert is a guy who will put honesty and loyalty above everything else, even at the expense of proceeding further in the game.

Our first view of the Villains' encampment introduces us to Dragonslayer Chi. If you can't figure out what that is, we envy you oh so much. While most of the villains are dubious about learning this particular "discipline" from Coach, to their credit, everyone goes along with it except for Evil Loser Whatshisname. Guess what ELW does in the meantime? He finds the Immunity Idol, then states that Rob is not in control of the game. ELW thinks ELW is in control. We don't buy this for a second since we know some things his tribemates said about him last week that he doesn't, but possession of the idol at least gives him a chance to survive the next vote.


Probst sighting! Jeff shows up bearing gifts. He had expected to be hailed as a conquering hero for his chocolate, but Colby all but spits in his face as the Heroes turn the offering down. A surprisingly tense confrontation ensues, wherein Colby tells Jeff to get on with the challenge, while Jeff reminds him who is in charge of the show and who was "Head Bodyguard" in Red Eye.

The reason Jeff had arrived with chocolate samples is that today's Reward Challenge will feature a chocolate feast as its prize. The challenge is a combination of rugby and basketball. Contestants jockey for position in a pit to retrieve a ball, then attempt to pass it to teammates on a ledge, who are tasked with shooting a football into a basket. The physicality of the game is quickly revealed, as people are violently shoving each other to the ground. As if there weren't enough violence, James catches a bad break when he lands funny on his knee, causing it to pop out of place. He tries to walk it off after medical arrives, but they state in no uncertain terms that he is out of the challenge and may in fact be forced to retire from the entire competition. The producers seem to enjoy advertising that a particular contestant will be injured, but the thing is, they work so hard to assemble to perfect cast that it's just a disappointment when the unique chemistry is jarred by a player forced to leave for medical reasons. If James is off Survivor, the Heroes tribe stands a chance to be obliterated as the game goes on.

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