Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

Tonight, We Make Our Move

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 5, 2010

I could talk a member of PETA into wearing a fur coat.

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As the Villains celebrate victory - their mood has done a complete 180 from the previous night - Evil Loser Whatshisname fixates on a knife in the toolbox. At this point, he unsheathes the blade in front of the entire tribe and a hidden immunity idol clue falls out. As the woman hater seethes at his mistake, Rob asks the group what they want to do. Sandra emphatically states that they should find it then throw it in the ocean, because whoever finds it will be voted out immediately. They all (eventually) agree with this logic and go back to working on their encampment. ELW is having none of this, of course. His massive ego dictates that he search for it, so he tries to sneak off to find it. Rob notices (dude sees EVERYTHING) and instructs Sandra to follow him to monitor his progress. She reports back that he has gone against the group and tried to find it on her own, stating that everyone should vote him off at first opportunity. They all quickly agree with Rob offering a monologue about ELW's stupidity that makes our hearts sing.

"He's a stupid ass." --Sandra, aptly describing Russell the same way we have for a while now.

In a strange twist of fate, the Heroes are making coffee at their camp when Tom and JT notice a piece of paper in the container. Had they been more alert the previous episode, they would have noticed it then. Instead, the entire tribe is immediately made aware of its existence. They choose to go a different way with their idol. Everyone goes treasure hunting. Eventually, Tom, Amanda and James target the same area with Tom sneakily capturing the prize while the others aren't looking. He hides it in his sock and pretends to continue the search for a while before walking off. Amanda takes Candice then JT aside and informs them that she is certain Tom has attained the idol. Tom and Colby confirm that the others know, but they deftly evaluate that this is a bargaining chip for them to use in order to gain a spot in the primary alliance. Tom is irrefutably one of the best overall players in the history of the game. This is further proof of it.

Probst Sighting!


Today's challenge is notorious in that it's the one from last season during which Good Russell collapsed and almost died. As such, it's the only challenge in the history of the show that has never been completed until now. The idea is to require blindfolded players to push a navigator in a giant ball until arriving at a puzzle. This must also be solved by blindfolded contestants seeking guide a ball through a maze. Tom and Rob are chosen to be the instructors, a wise decision on both sides.

Rob leads his troops to the puzzle first, but the puzzle portion is where most of the time is spent. Both signal callers are exemplary at their given task, with the result being a photo finish. Rob's instruction almost gains victory for his tribe, but the ball lips the cup before sliding by. At this point, Tom coaches his people in a way that puts the ball in the hole...briefly. To his extreme frustration, the ball pops back out and their opportunity is lost. Rob regroups the Villains with the board tilt needed to end the competition. The Villains have won their third Immunity Challenge in four tries. At this point, we're desperately hoping that Tom and Boston Rob are both in the final five players this season. What a finish that would be.

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