Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

Tonight, We Make Our Move

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 5, 2010

I could talk a member of PETA into wearing a fur coat.

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At the challenge, Probst announces that the Villains have chosen a toolbox that they plan to use to assemble a quality shelter (finally) while the Heroes want a fishing tackle box so that they can enjoy a seafood buffet between James meltdowns. The Villains are forced to sit one player, and they choose Parvati, one of the many useless folks on their tribe. The challenge itself is a variation on the old SlipnSlide game from childhood. Contestants grease themselves up then dive/slide to an area that contains balls. Once said ball is retrieved, the player is required to throw it into a modified basket hoop.

The first two players are Tom and Coach with the former man grabbing his ball first. He is slower in getting off his first shot, however, as he aims more than the crybaby. Both men miss before Tom's second shot circles the rim before falling off to the side. Coach gets a friendly backboard roll on his second shot and wins the round. Then, he does one of those ridiculous Chad Ochocinco dances that spits in the face of Vince Lombardi's logic, "Act like you've been there before." Of course, Coach hasn't. So, we're not sure if it's applicable. Russell then matches up against Cirie, whose size is a disadvantage here. The Fraud slips and slides all the way to the ball while Cirie looks like Bruce Willis navigating an air vent in Die Hard. Russell gets off two shots before she even reaches the shooting gallery, and he makes the second one, giving the Legion of Doom a 2-0 lead.

The next round is the featherweight division as ultra-fit Candice matches up against evil waif Courtney. Candice makes a great slide down the course, edging out Courtney, who seems to have experience in the field of greased shenanigans. Of course, while Courtney giggles and dances as she retrieves her ball, Candice has already scored. This is the most impressive round during the challenge. The next matchup is also girl on girl as Amanda faces off against Jerri Manthey. The race to get off the first shot is close with Amanda's taking flight first; however, she misses and Jerri Manthey ricochets her attempt into the basket, giving the Villains a 3-1 lead. Since they're playing to four, the Heroes are in a lot of trouble.


The good news is that the next match-up is James vs. Sandra and James is fired up. He slides down the course almost instantly then makes his shot before Sandra is even halfway to her ball. With the score 3-2, Rupert matches up against Danielle, who gets to her ball first before dropping it. Her hesitation allows the pirate to catch up in spite of his broken toe. She misses her first two shots while he buries his second one, tying the game up with only one round remaining. It all comes down to Colby vs. Tyson for the reward. Colby has no problem getting to his ball first, but he isn't very good at Horse. This is the first round that goes beyond two shots each as both players struggle to find the range. after Colby misses for the third time, Tyson calmly composes himself and makes his shot, giving the Villains the victory in the challenge. James gonna ye-ell.

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