The Amazing Race Recap

Run Like Scalded Dogs

By Daron Aldridge

March 2, 2010

Almost every team this year is terrible, so what does it say about us that we're already eliminated

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"Run like scalded dogs!" -- Jet and Cord, a statement that is irrelevant and misinterpreted thanks to abbreviation

Last week, slow and steady didn't win the Amazing Race, as strong-willed grandma and granddaughter learned in the second leg.

We catch up to the teams waiting for their next departure from Chile. At only the third episode into this season, the Travelocity gnome makes an earlier than usual appearance. The teams must take one of two buses to Argentina to a saloon and defeat the gnome in a game of Five Card Stud. This saloon is apparently the site where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid hid out while in South America. With a couple of cuts to a photo of the real outlaws, we are reminded how neither of these chaps even remotely resembles the handsome looks of Paul Newman or Robert Redford. The real outlaws look more like this season's Michael and Louie.

In the spirit of cowboydom, Jet and Cord are the first team to leave and head to the bus station to wait for the first bus, which will take only the first three teams. They declare matter-of-factly that "We don't have to run like scalded dogs." Not only did the producer pick a superfluous quote for the title, they unnecessarily made it seem more anxious with an exclamation point tacked onto the end. This doesn't bode well for potential one-liners this episode.

Next, allied teams of Joe and Heidi and Carol and Brandy get their clues and know that they have the final two spots on the first bus, so the race is more of a stroll at this point. The cowboys decide to stop into a bar to find someone that speaks English to get info on Argentina. Fortuitously, they find a woman who lived in Argentina for a couple years and gives them the basic intel on where they are headed.

We get a bit of a back story on Carol and Brandy as they admit they have only been dating about five months and they don't know everything about each other. They just telegraphed tension for this team, which is great for viewing but bad for racing.

The next team is Team South Carolina, Brent and Caite, but they are preparing for a departure of a different kind – to the emergency room. With an image not likely in her modeling portfolio, Caite is heard yakking in the bathroom and then crawling back into bed. They speculate that they got food poisoning and are both dehydrated to the point where they head to the hospital to get checked out. I guess the Amazing Race doesn't have the handy dandy medical team on speed dial like their Survivor counterparts. Team South Carolina misses their departure time which means that lawyers Monique and Shawne are now the fourth team to leave.


As Brent and Caite get pumped full of fluids, the remaining four teams have left the pitstop and headed to wait for their bus. Three hours after their departure time, they finally get back to the mat and are pushing through the exhaustion and overall crappiness. Luckily, there is another six-hour bus ride in their future that will let them get a bit more rest.

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