Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

That Girl Is Like a Virus

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

February 26, 2010

We really liked his chances against James. What an upset!

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Finally, it's a Probst sighting! Today's Reward/Immunity Challenge is a sumo battle, where two people fight to push one into the mud. Awesome! Winners take home immunity as well as individual personal items from home and coffee. First tribe to eight points wins.

Tom and ELW meet first, and we like where this is going. We think for a moment that maybe ELW might have a small advantage due to his low center of gravity, but then we remember that Tom is Tom. It's over for ELW faster it takes a young man to lose his virginity. Then, Candice takes out Parvati in a rough battle. Coach appears to have Rupert beat in their match-up, but he uses his arm, which is against the rules. Rupert comes out of the mud angry, and knocks over Coach in short order. This is followed by Cirie plowing over Jerri. It's an ass-kicking so far.

TIny little Tyson tries to take on JT, but it's not even close. Amanda follows by taking out Danielle, making it 6-0 for the Heroes. Next up is a match of Titans - Rob and Colby. Rob has a good tactic, as he rolls under a punch from Colby, but he spins a little far because of the mud. Their match is competitive, but Colby makes it 7-0 for the Heroes...

...which brings us to the awesome match-up of...Randy and James? Oh, come on. You know how this is going to turn out. And the Heroes win immunity with ease, though Randy bitches at James for knocking him down roughly (oh, please). The Villains are going to Tribal Council, and our suspicion that the editing is leading to something specific seems to be right on target.


The next segment is effectively an extended conversation about how Parvati is a giant threat and Randy is useless in challenges, so it's pretty obviously coming down to the two of them. We could tell you more about the extended interchanges, but all of the conversations are pretty stupid. The only item of note is that Boston Rob is doing his best to kind of creep around and hear a lot of the conversations that are going on. He's not dumb. Meanwhile, Jerri hates Parvati because Parvati is younger and prettier than her, and Parvati hates Jerri because Jerri is a stupid old cougar. Randy realizes he's the oldest, klutziest, weakest dude on the tribe, and that people fall under Parvati's spell. He is not feeling good about his chances of lasting past Tribal Council.

It turns out that he's right to feel this way. Basically, the editing tonight was showing us how they should vote (Parvati) versus how they would (Randy). Everyone votes for Randy except Randy, who votes for Boston Rob, oddly enough. The previews give us the awesome Boston Rob quote of "Russell's a bonehead. It's time for him to go." This makes our hearts sing.

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