Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

That Girl Is Like a Virus

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

February 26, 2010

We really liked his chances against James. What an upset!

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Back to Heroes, we see Rupert lamenting the fact that his tribe isn't spending any time bonding or getting closer. He wishes for a rainstorm to force them all under the shelter together. Although that doesn't happen, a couple of their chickens escape, and the guys all rally together to wrangle them. They seem to have fun doing it and there's a nice moment of cohesiveness for the Heroes. We have a feeling it's fleeting, though.

Meanwhile, over on the Dark Side, Coach is lecturing Evil Loser Russell about his closeness with Parvati and the impression it is giving other tribe members. Coach basically calls her an evil temptress and tells ELR that if he sticks with Parvati, his head is probably going to be on the chopping block because he will be perceived as not trustworthy (this perception is correct). Boston Rob approaches and backs up what Coach is saying. Of course, ELR thinks that Coach is just a loser (he is) and that Boston Rob is trying to act like he has control of the Villains' camp (he does). Evil Loser Russell claims he is the one in control of the Villains (he's not) and that everyone will see when he's the guy who wins the game. He's Evil Loser Russell, dammit! Don't these people know him?! (They don't.)

Evil Loser Russell goes to his new girlfriend, Parvati, and tells her (sort of) about the conversation he had with Coach and Rob. He effectively makes himself sound awesome, while making Coach look like a buffoon who's fumbling to plan a move. It becomes clear to Parvati that Coach is gunning for her, and she tells the camera that the only person she trusts is Evil Loser Russell. There's a great judgment call.


Back from commercial break, the producers remind us why we hated the last season of Survivor so much. So far, tonight's episode is all too Evil Loser Russell-centric. He pulls some of the same stupid crap he did last year, along the lines of burning socks and so forth. He buries the tribe's machete, thinking it will cause dissension when they can't kill their chickens or start fire. But wait! There's more! Clearly annoyed by the fact that Boston Rob thinks he's in control of the tribe (he is), he decides to also hide Rob's Red Sox cap. It seems ELR is an Astros fan. Okay. We're now going back to calling him Evil Loser What's-his-name. Also, note to ELW: millionaire models don't really find short, stumpy bald guys attractive.

After Randy catches a clam for the tribe (that no one really wants to eat), there's some discussion between him and Coach about how useless Parvati is. This seems to be a running theme and the fact that there has been some significant focus on ELW, Coach, Parvati and now Randy makes us think that one of them is likely to be leaving after tonight's Tribal Council.

There continues to be a surprising amount of strategy shown in tonight's episode, and we shift to the Heroes and Candice talking to JT about an alliance and trusting each other. What JT takes from this conversation is that Candice might be more formidable an opponent than he had credited her for, and she might be the logical next target. JT goes to Cirie and tells her that Candice was saying that she's not sure she can trust Cirie. This lie (which JT pulls off nicely) sends Cirie over to Candice. Cirie tells her that now she's worried about their partnership, which sets Candice off. She goes around to different tribe mates, asking them who told Cirie that. Naturally, none of them own up to this, and all she seems to do is annoy people, especially since they have a challenge coming up.

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