Survivor: Samoa

Two Brains Are Better Than One

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 17, 2009

She's still trying to figure out who Derek is.

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It's time for another Probst appearance, and today's Immunity Challenge has the contestants running out into a field to count the number of objects (such as pigs and crabs) at six different stations. They must remember all of those numbers to solve and open a combination lock. They are given tiles to help them with their remembering. This challenge will reward those who are both quick and have solid memories. It seems like the guys all have the advantage here, including Brett, since we saw last week that both women are struggling physically.

And lo and behold, all four guys are back and working on their combination locks. It's a race to the finish, and Jaison and Mick both get their combinations wrong on the first try. Brett and Evil Russell get to their final number and in the end, Brett finishes first. Once again, Brett has captured immunity.

For his part, Jaison is frustrated. He's worried now that since Brett has been able to take two Immunity Challenges in a row, that he could run the table up to the end and foil all their plans. He also notes that even though the plan had been to get rid of Mick, it makes a lot more sense to vote out Shambo. As he says, she's not doing anything in the challenges to help them beat Brett (this is very true) and she simply has no value to them anymore. We're wondering if this might mean a situation where Jaison, Brett, Natalie and Mick vote against Russell's wishes.

And as we return from the commercial break, the music is quite ominous. Jaison immediately walks up to Evil Russell and says that the vote must go to Shambo. She approaches shortly thereafter, and Jaison quickly shuts up and walks away. Shambo quizzes Russell about his conversation with Jaison, and ELR claims that Jaison was just confirming that the vote at Tribal Council will be for Mick. Even with Evil Russell's assurances, Shambo's suspicions are raised (probably because ELR has done nothing whatsoever to prove himself trustworthy up to this point). For his part, Russell recognizes that the choice at Tribal is either Mick or Shambo.


And yet, Jaison seems to have put some ideas into Evil Russell's head. Earlier, he had been talking about how gross Shambo's hair was and how annoying she is to have around camp. Now, he carries on a similar conversation with Mick, where he comments that Shambo's breath stinks (no, really) and that they really should vote her out tonight.

Mick is smart even if his presence in the game is at risk. He recognizes that Evil Russell has to have been cultivating his relationship with Shambo for a reason, and it's a little surprising that he might be scheming to vote her out. He's headed into the evening's proceedings with a healthy dose of skepticism, fully realizing that if ever he was ripe to be betrayed, the time is now.

Even though Shambo is...not bright, she is still asking Evil Russell some challenging questions. She wonders why Mick isn't talking to anyone about the vote. Russ tells her that it's because they told him they were all voting for her. Shambo says she's not comfortable with having her name thrown out without agreeing to it (shades of John a few episodes ago). She's got to realize, though, that she's not high on the Foa Foa totem pole - particularly since Natalie, Mick, Jaison and Evil Russell have been together from day one.

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