Survivor: Samoa

Two Brains Are Better Than One

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 17, 2009

She's still trying to figure out who Derek is.

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Over at the reward, Jaison reminds us that he's never won a reward challenge until today. That's...huge. He and Russell also discuss going to the final three together, while Shambo makes friends with the tribesmen of the village. They all get up and have a dance to celebrate their good fortune, and Evil Russell correctly points out that he's going to be revitalized for the Immunity Challenge, while Brett and Mick will be hungry and dehydrated. He's definitely done what he can to give himself every advantage in the game - though of course he also has the hidden immunity idol that he can play as needed.

Back in Loserville, Brett suggests to Natalie and Mick that they make their own reward. Even though they didn't win, they can still take a day to relax and enjoy each other's company. They go hunting for snails to cook on the beach, and do in fact seem to be having a rather nice time together. Natalie once again remarks on how much she likes Brett, but also notes that she has been in an alliance with Evil Russell from the first day (you might remember her as the person ELR called the "even dumber long-haired blonde" that day). It's pretty obvious that she's becoming mentally fatigued and is having some trouble deciding whether to side with the forces of horribleness or the forces of boring (aka Brett). She's already raised suspicions, so careful treading is going to be necessary here.


Indeed, while Evil Russell, Shambo and Jaison lounge on their mattresses, the conversation turns to Natalie choosing Brett first in the Reward Challenge. While Shambo claims that the selection indicates that Natalie's loyalties may have shifted, Evil Russell is quite confident that Even Dumber Long-Haired Blonde is still with him. He does take the opportunity to plant the seed of an idea that either Brett or Mick should be the next to be voted out, depending on if Brett wins immunity. ELR perceives the two of them to be the most likable people still in the game, as well as the biggest threats to win remaining challenges. He's absolutely correct that Brett must go, particularly given the fact that almost the entire jury is comprised of people from his alliance. As far as Mick goes, he's probably right about that, too. While it's still our contention that Evil Russell has oopsied into a lot of good luck into the game rather than played strategically, he does seem to be putting it all together for a potential trip to the final three.

Once they're all back together again, Evil Russell has a conversation with Natalie where they pretty much reiterate that Brett is Dead Meat. Their plan along has been ELR, Natalie and Jaison in the final three, which leaves Mick as the odd man out from the Foa Foa alliance. What's interesting about this discussion is that it seems to be taking place in earshot of both Brett and Mick, which seems a little foolhardy. Evil Russell notes that people have said one should never be confident in the game of Survivor, but he is feeling completely confident. Natalie agrees.

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