Box Office - Decade at a Glance: January - April 2007

By Michael Lynderey

December 1, 2009

He wants to live in the God of War videogame.

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As for that aforementioned #2 slot in April '07, it went to Are We Done Yet?, a follow-up to 2005's Are We There Yet? and a clear contender for the most unwisely chosen title of the decade. The first film, a silly PG kids' release with Ice Cube, broke out to a shocking $82 million just two years before; the sequel, on the other hand, finished with $49 million, which is frankly a lot more than I guessed the first movie in the series would have made - so it looks like a win to me.

Now, the above paragraphs cover only three movies, so they obviously don't do justice to the massive collection of films that April 2007 spawned. So, to recap the month's other events: Anthony Hopkins smirked maliciously at Ryan Gosling (in the thriller Fracture, with its $39 million total), Adam Brody flirted with Meg Ryan in In the Land of Women ($11 million), vikings did as vikings do in Pathfinder ($10 million), Kate Beckinsale fought off some very bad men (Vacancy, $18 million - a pretty scary movie, actually), Halle Berry and Bruce Willis stared menacingly at each other in the ridiculous thriller Perfect Stranger ($23 million), Nicolas Cage fulfilled the "miss" part of hit-and-miss (Next, $17 million), and Hilary Swank faced off against the Apocalyptic forces of evil in The Reaping ($25 million). She must have won that battle, because, well - we're all still here, aren't we?


But that wasn't quite it... deep breath... here goes... the rest of the April gang was comprised of another funny Simon Pegg movie (Hot Fuzz, $23 million total), an acting showcase for Richard Gere (The Hoax, $7 million), a dog-gone-good kids film (Firehouse Dog, $13 million), some obscure thrillers (Redline, Slow Burn), another PG-13 pseudo-ghost excursion (The Invisible, $20 million), cheesy low-budget action (The Condemned, $7 million), and Jamie Kennedy's breakdancing comedy, Kickin' it Old School ($4 million); as far as I know, the reason for that last film's existence still remains a mystery. The prize for the month's best title simply has to go to the delectable Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters (I think I got that right), one of those movies you're scared to see because you're afraid it just couldn't live up to its brilliant moniker. And considering the $5 million total gross, I must not have been the only one carrying that thought around.

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