Survivor: Samoa

All Hell Breaks Loose

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 8, 2009

Another victim of the Too Big For Their Britches scenario.

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Erik states that Foa Foa has nothing to offer Galu. He also indicates that he would be surprised if they managed even one swing vote from Galu, much less two or three. Suffice it to say that the members of Foa Foa take exception to his words. What Erik fails to note is that he's not getting many attaboys from his teammates. In fact, they're all sitting perfectly still and not making eye contact with him. This is the time when Erik should realize that he *might* want to play his hidden immunity idol. He has horrified his teammates with his actions, and they have turned on him. This is made obvious when the vote comes, and everyone except Shambo writes his name down.

But Erik isn't the only one doing something stupid at Tribal Council. Evil Loser Russell simply can't live in a world where he isn't the biggest threat at Foa Foa. He refuses to believe that the whole thing isn't an elaborate ruse to get him voted off. There is no way that Natalie, a *girl*, could broker a deal. So he does the only reasonable thing. He plays his hidden immunity idol. How good a move is this? Out of the 12 votes cast, Erik gets ten and Jaison gets two. We've always stressed that if you think there's a chance you'll be voted off, you have to play your hidden immunity idol. The problem here is that ELR had no reason to think he was going to be voted off outside of his own ego. In point of fact, his own alliance member told him what would happen if he would only have believed her.


Evil Loser Russell's epic mistake is only the second funniest thing that happens at Tribal Council. The funniest, of course, belongs to Erik. Watching his face change in expression with each vote revealed makes for hilarious television. He starts with a "ha ha, you guys shouldn't have done that" face. Around three votes, it changes to a hangdog "I can't believe that many of you did it." At vote number four, he looks genuinely hurt, as if he'd hoped the Foa Foa folks would spread the vote out among the other Galu members. The reveal of the fifth vote scares the living daylights out of him, and amusingly, gives Shambo the same reaction. We think she just figured out who Erik is. The sixth vote sees him enter the acceptance phase. He looks over at Jaison, who is smiling the sort of smile reserved for dudes who have just deflowered the homecoming queen. Before the seventh vote is cast, we half expect Erik to jump up and say, "Wait! I want to play the idol!" And Erik receives a final dose of abject humiliation when he goes in for the bro-hug from Brett, who wants absolutely no part of it. Way to leave him hanging, Brett. That alone might win you Jaison's vote.

We're not sure if this means the game is afoot for all members of Galu, or if Erik's behavior was simply deemed too radical to be tolerated. Either way, this is as satisfying a resolution as the show has ever witnessed. We know there have been better blind sides and better tribal councils, but this is the best comeuppance we've seen yet.

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