Survivor: Samoa

All Hell Breaks Loose

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 8, 2009

Another victim of the Too Big For Their Britches scenario.

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Now is the time on Survivor when Erik snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. Seriously. We've watched this segment several times now, and we still can't believe just how idiotic he is. Let's start from the beginning. We'll let Erik describe his own thought process here: "Those guys can't win ______. They can't win anything, so as long as we keep them from winning immunity, it makes things pretty easy, I think." Well, as long as you keep them from winning immunity...and don't act like a tremendous douche.

Laura informs Erik that Evil Loser Russell has the immunity idol. Erik's diplomatic solution to this is to go berate the other members of Foa Foa while asking for their help. We're not overstating this, either. He goes over to where Natalie, Mick and Jaison are sitting and says, "I think there's a way for the three of you to stay in the game tonight. If the three of you guys vote Monica, then definitely the three of you will stay and I'm pretty sure Russell will stay. So your best interest would be the three of you to vote the same way and not tell Russell. We want him to think he's going home tonight. That way he plays the idol. We all know he's got it. People have seen it."

Okay, that last portion is stupid, because the way people have seen it is through Russell showing it to them. Even so, we think if Erik had stopped there, he *may* have been okay. He does *not* stop there.


He punctuates his abrasive speech with, "So, what you need to know you know." Mick's jaw clinches so tightly at this comment that we wonder if he chipped a tooth. Jaison stares at Erik with a degree of undisguised loathing that hasn't been seen since Denzel Washington was whipped in Glory. The reason for this is simple. If we are honestly evaluating Erik's behavior in this entire sequence, he is behaving like the most loathsome form of humanity of slaver. He sees himself as having total power, and these three minions as being totally under his control. He believes they're in no position to question his word, and he expects them to follow his every whim. Erik doesn't realize it at this moment, but his Survivor fate is sealed.

Jaison says, "Here's how I feel right now. I feel like Erik is talking to me like a f*cking child. We screwed anyway. And I think what we should do is, we should tell them...yeah, sure, we'll vote the way you want us to vote and flush out the idol. And then we go get Erik."

The thought process there is simple. The former Foa Foa members have accepted their fate in the game. But they will not accept such abhorrent behavior from a competitor. This seems like an unlikely negotiation, but Natalie leverages her friendship with the pretty girls to forge an alliance that might actually last. It's possible that a foursome of Laura, Monica, Kelly and Natalie could strategize their way to the final.

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